LittleLife Kids Suitcases - A Review

I have been talking about it months but our family summer holiday is now just around the corner. Woohoo! I have checked our passports, purchased travel insurance and notified our school that the children will be absent from school for 5 days. There is one thing that has been playing on my mind though and that's the fact that Steve and I have never taken our 3 children abroad by ourselves before. We have always had an extra pair of hands (thanks grandma). Not only am I concerned that Steve and I are outnumbered by kids, but I am also worried about the logistics - how would we transport 5 suitcases between us whilst supervising 3 spritely children in a foreign country? Talk about challenging.

When LittleLife got in touch and asked if we would like to choose something from their site to review it was like our prayers had been answered. I was immediatly drawn to these three kids suitcases and think that each design really reflects each child's personality. 

Suitable for ages 3+, these cases have been designed to fit most airlines' hand luggage requirements so are ideal for short trips away when you don't want to pay for baggage. They are very well made and feel like they'll last a good few years.

We will be using the cases as 'hold' luggage along with two bigger cases for myself and Steve as they are actually deceptively spacious. Just look at how much I could fit into them:-

They are also super easy for the kids to handle and move, even when full. There is a hidden telescopic handle that even Jack (aged 5) could manage to extend.

We love the attention to detail including a special place to write your child's name.

Overall, I really could not be happier with our cases. They are lightweight, deceptively spacious, easy for the kids to manage, durable and the designs are fun and funky so the kids love them too. I think £39.99 is a bargain for such a quality product that actually works. 

Visit to find out more. 

Thank you to LittleLife who asked us to choose something from their site to review. All words, thoughts and opinions are our own. 



  1. These do look lovely - there's some fab things in the Little Life range. I can't wait until my daughter is old/big enough to pull her own case (she might technically be now buy not in practice!) And you'll have an amazing time - the journey is only a small part and I bet it goes more smoothly than you expect too.

    1. Love the range - it is so much easier when they can pull their own luggage!

  2. That bumble bee case is super cute!


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