A few thoughts on Year 2 SATs

This year there has been a big push by many parents to boycott the Year 2 SATs. Heidi is in year 2 and will be taking her SAT tests this month and I remember Harry going through them a few years ago too. Luckily for us, our school doesn't put too much pressure on the kids and in all honesty they don't even know they are happening. Heidi's teacher is lovely and Heidi is enjoying school at the moment and just hasn't been bothered by any sort of SAT-related stress. This is the way it should be in my eyes and the main reason I am not joining in with the boycott campaign.

A few thoughts on Year 2 SATs - Should Primary School Testing End?

Looking at the broader subject of testing though, I do wish that we could just let our kids be kids. I don't like the fact that our children are tested from within a few weeks of attending nursery and this pattern continues throughout their school life. I would be FAR happier if our teachers were left to do what they do best which is inspiring our children to discover and learn about the world about them. I want my children to ask questions, to explore their creativity, to grow plants, watch explosions, love story telling, understand what it is to lead a healthy and happy life...... I do not want my children to be constantly tested, put in a box and be counted as just another statistic.

I know that Year 2 SATs are used as a way of measuring a pupil's progress throughout Primary School and this is important in a number of ways. OFSTED in particular like to see where school's have 'added value' to a pupil's rate of learning (where a pupil has exceeded their expectations) but my question is why? why do we need this? Our teachers are professional people who as parents we trust on a daily basis to not only look after our children but also help to raise them. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if the Government could just stop interfering and just TRUST them to do their job. I think it would be better for our children, better for our teachers and better for us parents if we could give our teachers time and space to teach our children about life rather than teach our children how to take and pass a test.

A few thoughts on Year 2 SATs - Should Primary School Testing End?

Finally, the whole spelling test blunder where a SAT paper was accidentally put online which led to it's cancellation is just infuriating. Imagine as a teacher you have spent your precious time throughout the year preparing your class for this test only to find it has been cancelled! I am furious on their behalf. What a waste of time and resources! Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Mathematics, Comprehension, Reading.......I agree that they are all very important skills. However I 100% trust that my children's school can teach my children these skills WITHOUT the need for a SAT test and think that these skills should very much form part of a broader education and at the moment the Government is placing far too much emphasis on them from too much of an early age.

What do you think? Should Primary School Testing come to an end? 

A few thoughts on Year 2 SATs - Should Primary School Testing End?


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  1. Totally agree with you Sam. My daughter is in Year Six and has her SATs next week. Like most schools, they've spent 80 per cent of the teaching week going through exam papers since January. They are exhausted. I write for a living but the English Grammar test is out of my league. If there had been a YR 6 boycott I wouldn't have taken part either as I don't think that helps anyone, but I definitely think it has gone too far now.


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