Saturday nights - Is staying in the new going out?

Isn't it funny how as you get older your priorities seem to change. In my twenties I would think nothing about the kids sleeping at Grandma's almost every weekend and hitting the town. I am lucky our parents were able (and happy) to do this for us and have so many memories of girls nights out a plenty and weekends 'clubbing' with Steve.

Lots of nights out in our twenties

Life seems to have slowed down a lot more now though and I don't know if it's my age or the fact that I now have three children now (which is exhausting) but I can honestly think of nothing worse than staying up past my bed time in a noisy night club.

Saturday nights in my twenties

I remember when I was growing up that Saturday night's would always be sacred family time. We would all gather around our TV and watch classics such as Blind Date, Gladiators and Challenge Anneka. The memories of sitting by the fire and watching these shows together as a family will always stick with me and are the types of memories I really want to create for my own children. It was always a real treat being allowed up past bed time to watch grown up tv.

Steve's new role at work means that he is always at home on a Saturday night now and we have started letting Harry and Heidi stay up late with us to watch Britain's Got Talent together. We started this little tradition whilst staying at Tattershall Lakes over Easter and even if we were hiding behind our cushions during that sword swallowing routine, our Saturday nights together are something we all look forward to now.

Hiding behind the cushion on holiday

Saturday nights in front of the TV and takeaways go hand in hand. Steve and I are trying to watch what we eat and count our calories (follow our progress here) but our Saturday night treat is something we really look forward to all week. We usually order through Just Eat but instead of ordering a whole pizza to ourself like we used to, we now split one pizza or a couple of dishes between the four of us which we enjoy before all snuggling up together on our comfy leather sofas

Our Saturday night takeaway has arrived!

So Saturday nights may look different now and I've swapped revolving dance floors for PJs and Pizzas but you know what, I wouldn't change it for the world. 

Do you let your children stay up and watch Britain's Got Talent or do you have any other Saturday night routines? 

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  1. We don't watch bgt but Saturdays are later bedtimes for the kids, we love having a takeout together and I love that the kids try stuff I didn't have until my adulthood I can honestly say out nights out post kids are in single figures but they just don't seem that important x

  2. Great post! I long for a quiet night in front of the tv but the baby springs to life around 8pm :)

  3. We snuggle up and watch a film or BGT with treats and we love it. We also have a no-technology rule so mobiles, tablets etc are switched off and put away.

    A night out in town without our boy doesn't appeal to us any more and as time is flying by and he's getting older, we're enjoying making memories together.

  4. June (Travel Jems)27 April 2016 at 21:24

    It definitely is for us Samantha and we don't have young kids anymore! Ours is a Friday and it's our 'drinkies and Chocolate' night with some tasty savoury treats for good measure, set to a soundtrack of great music...and often ends up with some bopping around the living room :)


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