10 ways to keep the kids occupied during a road trip to Spain

In the summer we are travelling to Spain with Siesta holidays by bus. The journey is going to take us a VERY LONG 36 hours. Yikes! We will all have our own 'on-demand' entertainment systems which is packed with 100+ films, games and TV shows and a hostess service to keep us topped up on food and drinks so at least I don't need to worry about that. 36 hours is a long time to rely on tv though so I have put together a list of a few other tricks I have up my sleeve to keep the boredom at bay. Post contains some affiliate links.

1- My First Spanish Sticker Book 

2 - Kids' Trip Diary 

3 - Travel activity pad 

4 - Learn Origami

5 - Not For Parents : Europe - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know 

6 - Complete a Spain Factsheet 

7 - Make a Flamenco Fan

8 - An iPad pre-loaded with Minecraft 

9 - Spanish School Bus for Kids App

10 - Create a scrapbook

What do you think? Any other tips gratefully received!

10 ways to keep the kids occupied during a road trip to Spain



  1. Some great ones - stickers, Usborne activity books and the Lonely Planet range always top my list. When my daughter's older, a trip diary sounds perfect too.

  2. I still don't think we could drive with the kids! We're booking up for a week in Spain this summer, but we'll be flying. Can't wait to see the little one on the beach and in the pool. They may be hard work, but kids are so worth it :)

  3. Wow 36 hours is a looooooong time, but it sounds like you've got loads of great ideas. For my boys it would be iPads, snacks and lots of regular breaks to stretch their legs. Silly games like Eye Spy and The Alphabet Game are perfect for long stretches of road too...

  4. Last year I got my boys some travel cards which are write on-wipe off (I think they are Usborne), and you encourage them to complete or change the drawings (eg by putting glasses and beards on faces etc) - they found them hilarious, and of all the things I gave them to do, this kept them amused the longest. Apart from DVD's, of course, which we couldn't be without! I have some great stuff on Pinterest, I'll find it for you xx


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