A letter to Heidi on your 7th birthday

Wow I can't believe 7 years have passed since your dramatic entry into this world (check out this post if you'd like to know the details). What a beautiful young lady you are turning out to be both inside and out.

You have always been a fussy eater but in the last few months you have shown great maturity and will now try pretty much anything that has been put in front of you. You have such a caring nature and will be the first to put an arm around one of your brothers if they fall or are upset and do such a good job of looking after your own 'babies'.

You are a very girly girl and love dressing up. Your favourite thing is when I curl or straighten your hair or let you wear make up for a special occasion. You love shopping for clothes and listening to music with Justin Bieber, Little Mix and One Direction being current favourites. It's so sweet listening to you sing along in the car.

On the other hand though you still love adventure and will be the first to climb trees (or anything that is around that you can climb on) when we are out and about. Playing outside on your bike makes you happy. You also have a stubborn streak just like your mam and I really wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you.

I know you are a bit of a dreamer and your teachers tell me you are often in your own world at school. I don't mind this though as I know you try very hard when it comes down to it and you scored the highest mark in your class during a mock SAT test this month - well done!

Everyone comments how beautiful you are in the photographs I take and you love posing in front of the camera (and are a natural at it too) but I really try and drum it into you that it's what inside that matters and I hope we can inspire you to travel the world and then find a career you love and deserve when you are older.

This year you haven't really asked for much for your birthday - you would love some roller boots and more Bratz dolls. You are also very much into Shopkins which is a new craze of over-priced tat if you ask me! I hope you receive everything you've asked for and more because you deserve it. You asked to go 'somewhere that serves pasta' for your birthday tea so we are off to Hinnies in Whitley Bay tonight. You are very excited to make your own ice cream. Then we are hopefully organising a 'clip and climb' party with a few of your friends next week.

Happy 7th Birthday Heidi, we couldn't be more proud.  x



  1. Happy birthday lovely Heidi have a great day, I agree with mam though, shopkins are tat ;-)

  2. Happy birthday Heidi, wow I can't believe she is 7 as I still remember when you had her! She sounds like she has such a lovely caring personality and she really is so beautiful. I hope she has lovely day today & enjoys the clip and climb with her friends next week xx

  3. Happy Birthday Heidi...
    She sounds like a lovely young lady x

  4. This is lovely! It's great that she'll be able to look back and read all the little things she used to do as a child. There's nothing wrong with being a dreamer, it shows she's imaginative and creative! :)

    Enjoy Hinnies x

  5. Happy birthday Heidi, hope you had a great day. How lovely that you will have this to look back on as you get older. You're such a lucky girl xx


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