Lunch at House of Tides - a Michelin star restaurant on Newcastle Quayside

I've wanted to pay House of Tides a visit since it opened just over two years ago. The main reason we haven't before now is the cost - there's no denying that £110 for lunch for two including soft drinks is expensive and for us, it was a real treat. I feel like expensive is perhaps the wrong word to use as when you consider the quality of ingredients, the service, the presentation, the execution.......for us, the price tag for me was worth it. We received House of Tide gift vouchers from my mum for christmas to pay for our experience and I would recommend this as a gift idea for any foodie. 

We parked on Newcastle Quayside across from the restaurant by the river Tyne (outside of The Riverside nightclub). It was £1.20 per hour and there were plenty of spots available. On arrival we were shown straight to our table upstairs. 

House of Tides Exterior in Newcastle

I've dined at a fair few Michelin star restaurants in my time and my experience at House of Tides was completely different to any other Michelin star restaurant I've visited before. It was a very informal and relaxed affair. There is absolutely no stuffiness or formality and the staff are all friendly, chatty and not at all pretentious. I really don't think this informality is a bad thing and it really was nice to be able to relax in  our surroundings and not feel like we had to talk in hushed tones or worry about using the right cutlery.

Lindisfarne Oyster from House of Tides, Newcastle
Lindisfarne Oysters with Cucumber and Caviar

Lindisfarne Oyster from House of Tides, Newcastle
Caviar close up!

Celariac Veloute, Apple, Smoked Eel, Truffle

Hogget Shoulder Presse, Onion, Fillet Tartare, Nasturtriums
I'm not a food critic and House of Tides certainly don't need any promotion via my blog, I will say however that every course was absolutely stunning. We were served 7 courses in total. The standout dishes for us both were the Celariac Veloute and the Duck Breast - both 10/10 from us.

Sea Bass, Butternut Squash, Curry, Corander

Goosnargh Duck Breast, Beetroot, Parsnip, Chicory
If you'd like to sample the Tasting Menu, the lunch menu is priced at £45 for 5 courses (which is actually 7 courses) and the evening menu at £60 for 6 courses (which I suspect will actually be 8). A Vegetarian Tasting menu is also available. There is also a bargain option £25 for two courses at lunch - please note however that the whole table must dine from either the tasting menu or the a la carte lunch menu and to avoid any conflict at the table I think it would be best to agree with your fellow diners which option you are going to go for prior to your visit.

Pre Dessert Chocolate Mousse with Orange Marmalade Ice Cream

Yorkshire Rhubarb, Ginger, Rose

A 12.5% service charge is added to your bill which I absolutely don't begrudge in this case as the service was perfect. So in total our 7 course lunch was £110 for two people including a bottle of water and two Fentimans lemonades.

Yorkshire Rhubarb, Ginger, Rose

We left House of Tides feeling like we had received good value for money - it really is a dining experience to try. We will definitely return when a suitable occasion arises. Next time, we plan to visit in the evening and add a wine flight to our meal too.

Have you visited House of Tides? I'd love to hear what you think. 

Lunch at House of Tides - A Michelin Star restaurant on Newcastle Quayside



  1. This is at the very top of my to-try list Sam... i've walked past a few times and had a nosy in and it looks so lovely. Your meal looked and sounded incredible - such amazing presentation i'd be sad to eat it ;-) I'm going to save up and take my husband so we can do the vegetarian tasting menu with the wine flight... dreamy!!! Getting vouchers is such a brilliant idea...

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing place to eat! The food looks delicious especially those desserts!

  3. Great photos & write-up. It is one of the best places I have eaten. I'm hoping the Mr takes me as a treat after the baby's born ;)

  4. Looks like such a lovely place for a special treat! x

    Katie | Blonde Ambition

  5. Sounds absolutely delicious - I haven't had that many Michelin experiences but they've definitely tended to be the fabulously formal type. I do like the sound of a more relaxed version.

  6. That looks amazing, I wonder if I could just go for the puddings, haha. Do you know I don't think I've been to anywhere with a Michelin Star.


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