Recommended places for the best Fish and Chips in the North East

Who doesn't love Fish n Chips? I'm fussy about where I get them from though and there's nothing worse than a disappointing fish supper! We are spoilt for choice when it comes to Fish and Chips in the North East though so I've asked for recommendations over on North East Family Fun's Facebook page.....

Recommended places for the best Fish and Chips in the North East

Here are the Fish & Chip shops that were the most popular and received the most votes:-

1 -Pantrinis, Whitley Bay

"I recommend Pantrinis in Whitley Bay. They are award winners, have been there for as long as I can remember and their gourmet fishcake is to die for! I met with the owners recently and they are lovely people. It sounds like they have a great team there and are great employers, treating their staff really well and creating a positive working environment." - Kelly

"Got to be Pantrini's for me! We drive all the way from Gateshead for their award-winning fish n chips, they are always super fresh, lovely and hot and delicious and the staff are always very friendly and helpful." - Margy

2 - Colmans, South Shields

"Colman's ocean road south shields!!! Great staff locally sourced fish ( they have a board saying which boat and where it came into ).....I'm biased its my home town but when I visit home it is the first place I wish to go to." - Joyce

"We drive 300 miles for Colmans our first stop when we come up from London Every time we leave home at 7 to get there for lunchtime, the fish is so fresh no skin or bones chips are cooked to perfection and a nice cuppa - I can't wait for Easter" - Joanne

3 - Harbour View, Seaton Sluice 

"Amazing fish and chips and they do great kids meals. They go out of their way to please our young boys. I couldn't recommend higher. They have sit in and take away." - Rachel

"The Harbour View. Wouldn't bother with anywhere else!" - Stacey

4 - South Gosforth Fisheries, Westmoor 

"Agreed about South Gosforth Fisheries in Westmoor. It's been in the same family for 3 generations now and they know their stuff. Food is excellent too." - Dan

"South Gosforth Fisheries in Westmoor, unbelievable quality and lovely staff" - Gemma

5 - The Harbour Fish Bar, Amble

"I work there but it's honestly my favourite"  -  Laura

6 - Coastline, Blyth Beach

"There's an ice cream parlour at Blyth right next to it if you have room for it after Fish and Chips" - Amanda

"Coastline in Blyth and especially because they serve gluten-free fish & chips on a Friday." - Amanda

"Coastline at Blyth beach, tasty fish very generous portions, the kids call it whale& chips!" - Gillian

"Coastline Blyth. Always fresh and cooked to perfection, plus the beautiful beach on the doorstep!!" - Wendy

7 - Middleton in Teesdale Chip Shop

"They do gorgeous Fish & Chips and the most amazing homemade pies! Their Mushy Peas are also pretty damm good ! You've then got BEAUTIFUL scenery to explore working them off" - Emma

8 - Almighty Cod, Seaton Carew

"Almighty Cod at Seaton Carew is very good. A half lot £2.95" - Louise 

"The Almighty Cod at Seaton Carew. Never had a bad lot!" - Joanne

Personally, I would also add: 

9 - Marshalls, Tynemouth

You can guarantee there'll be queues on Good Friday but they are worth it. You can eat in/take out .

10 - The Black Horse Beamish

We visited The Black Horse last year to take advantage of their Fish Friday deal and it was lovely. There's a play area for kids and it's the type of place you can really relax and enjoy your food.

11 - Longsands Fish Kitchen, Tynemouth

Longsands Fish Kitchen are award-winning and people now travel for miles to get their hands on their fish and chips.

12 - The Little Fishy, Mobile

If you're looking for something a little different, The Little Fishy serve up a bit of a twist on Fish & Chips. They use Panko breadcrumbs and fry in rapeseed oil. Look out for their mobile van popping up at places such as Newcastle's Quayside Market.

13 - Bells Fish & Chip restaurant, Durham

We popped into Bells Fish & Chip restaurant during our visit to Fire & Ice 2017. We were really impressed with the traditional setting, friendly service, decent kids meals and fantastic food.

14 - Trencher's, Whitley Bay 

We visited Trencher's in the Spanish City Dome last year and were super impressed with the grand surroundings and the food served up. Their fish and chips were spot on and Kids Eat Free Monday-Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm (as of 15/1/18 - check still available and t&cs before booking). Check out my full review here. 

See the full list of recommendations here.

Where would you add to the list?

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Recommended places for the best Fish and Chips in the North East



  1. Definitely need to try some of these, nothing beats amazing fish and chips and it's been a while since I've had some. This is going to be a little controversial as I know it's such a favourite but the one time we visited Colemans we were SO disappointed ...the food was nice but the service was awful, they didn't seem to have staff allocated to tables which meant we kept getting visited by different people who in turn would keep forgetting things, we had to ask 3 or 4 times for things! The food was lovely, but the bad service has always put us off going back and left us wondering why everyone raves about it!

    1. We've only been to Colmans for take out but we did enjoy it x

    2. Coleman's always disappoints me. The food is ok but nothing special, the tables are too small and crammed. The staff are not pleasant. Wish I could say different.

  2. Pantrinis every time, unless you can go to the Magpie in Whitby. I think sometimes it's about the chips too, you can have great fish but if you have bad chips it just lets the whole tradition down and that's what fish and chips are, they're not a meal, they're an experience, a tradition.

    1. Everytime we visit Whitby I please with hubby to go somewhere else for fish n chips but it always has the be Magpie Cafe! Mmmm yes I love Pantrini's too.

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  4. I adore Coastline at Blyth but my new fave is the Longsands Fish Kitchen. The curry sauce is unbelievably good :-)

  5. Will have to try some of these, always looking for a good fish and chip shop

  6. Ahh! The The Harbour Fish Bar in Amble is amazing! We always go there when we visit :D

    1. Us too - although last time we were hounded by some greedy seagulls!

  7. OMG, I already tried Colmans but am going to try them all! Great post!

  8. I urge everyone reading this to visit The Waterfront on North Shields Fish Quay. It is beyond doubt the fish and chip shop by which you will judge all others. Absolutely the best fish and chips I've ever tasted. Great service, hot food, wonderful setting.

  9. Surprised Gormans isn't on the list, they have a few places and people always rave about them, the chips are good, I don't like fish so can't comment on that! I went to Colemans a couple of years back and the chips were good there as well :)

  10. South Gosforth Fisheries, Westmoor is my fav, they do king cod but always to scared to order it as it is massive

  11. The willow chippy in wallsend and walker are nice as well


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