8 Perfect Presents for Older Relatives

Finding the perfect present for an older relative is perhaps the hardest gift you’ll ever have to find, isn’t it? It’s made all the more difficult due to the fact that most older relatives fob us off with the same (well-meant, but infuriating) comment: “I already have everything I need!”. We know! But we can’t get you nothing, can we? My grandad is a prime example of this and I always end up buying him the same old boring box of M&S shortbread or sweets. It's his birthday coming up soon and I've decided to be a little more creative this year. I thought you might be interested in my ideas:-

1. A magazine subscription
Magazine subscription gifts are great for older relatives (or anyone, for that matter). Whether they like gardening, fashion, photography, cars, interiors, sport or music, you’ll find something to float their boat, and better yet, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time a new issue arrives in the post. 

2. A voucher for a professional cleaning service
How much would you love to leave your home, only to find that the cleaning fairies had been let loose and scrubbed it from top to bottom? This is exactly the kind of gift you could bestow! I think this is particularly well received by older relatives who struggle to keep their home spotless but are just as house proud as they always were.

3. Entertainment subscription
Don’t be afraid to present an older relative with something you’d actually like, such as a cinema club membership… we all enjoy a good movie! Home entertainment subscriptions are a great idea for older relatives who aren’t able to get to the cinema too, and with over 3,000 film and TV titles on Netflix, you might just have happened upon the perfect present.

4. Personalised utensils 
Why not consider presenting them with personalised utensils that tie into their hobbies? Embossed rolling pins, personalised wooden spoons, cake tins, biscuit barrels, knitting bags and garden trowels might be a welcome replacement for well-worn items… especially if you theme the personalisation around family members like this set from Auntie Mims!

5. Gift voucher for a local garden centre
Avid gardeners might not be thrilled to receive a 4ft apple tree shoehorn into their already crowded lawn, but they might really appreciate a gift voucher for their local garden centre. 

6. Fun fashion accessories 
Rather than opting for large items of clothing, why not give smaller, fun fashion accessories? Bright scarfs, gloves, socks and nail polishes that can be changed on rotation are a great way to funk up an otherwise drab outfit.

7. Food subscriptions
Variety is the spice of life, and what better than a monthly food subscription to keep things interesting? These are available from companies like the London Tea Club, or you could opt for Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Club or The Spicery.

8. Technology to improve their lives
Don’t be afraid to gift an older person some useful technology. A Sleep Sound Machine is great for people suffering with insomnia and sleep issues, and a Light Therapy Lamp could be the perfect present for an older relative who is stuck in at home or is unable to get outside as much as they’d like to.

I think I am either going to choose a garden centre voucher or a magazine subscription for my Grandad this year. What do you think? I'd love to hear if you have any gift ideas for older relatives too. 


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