My very own Wonder Woman

Every year our children's school collects 'Pennies for Pudsey'. The hall is home to a giant outline of Pudsey Bear and the children take in all of their spare change to fill inside the lines. This is a fantastic way to donate money to a worthy cause and our children enjoy saving their pennies throughout the year especially for the occasion. This year, the collection co-incided with a 'Superhero' themed day and the children were asked to attend school dressed as their favourite superheroes.

I present The Flash, Wonder Woman and The Hulk

Superheroes unite!

For those who don't know, Wonder Woman is a Warrior Princess of the Amazons. She is gifted with a range of Superhuman powers with amazing combat skills and battle skills. She sounds just like Heidi! 

Wonder Woman's Powers include:-

*Can lift at least a 50,000 lb boulder
*Can run at 60 mph
*Immune to electric shocks
*Profound Scientific Knowledge
*Can speak every language known to man
*Masterful athlete
*Can leave the planet through meditation
*Super fast healing powers

Our walk to school was rather wet and rainy but this didn't put Wonder Woman off. As a Gore-Tex shoe ambassador, she was keen to put her new shoes through their paces.

Thanks to their guaranteed waterproof and breathable inner lining,  Wonder Woman's Gore-Tex shoes managed to keep up when she was running super fast and kept her feet nice and dry as she jumped over puddles during her walk to school.

Do your children have any special superheroes they like to dress up as? Or are their school supporting children in need in another way? I'd love to hear from you. Fingers crossed our school manages to raise over £100 like last year.



  1. That is such a great idea to raise money for children in need! Hopefully they do raise a great amount like they did last year at your kids' school :)
    Also your kids look fab in their costumes! So cute! :D


  2. We dressed as super Herod last year and I just made the kids costumes (cos you know I'm like wonder-mum with nothing better to do! ) but my littlest went to nursery as captain America this year and she looked so cute!


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