Top 5 alternative places to shop for children's gifts in Newcastle this Christmas

I know that sometimes shopping in the large chain stores can't be avoided - especially with the power of constant advertising these days. I am not suggesting we stop shopping at Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us altogether, however whilst you are out Christmas shopping in Newcastle City Centre over the next few weeks, why not pop into some of these alternative toy shops which are either independent, specialist, associated with charity or a smaller business. I'm a big believer that spending in the local economy keeps money in the local economy and would love to see more people shopping in the following gems:-

Seven Stories Bookshop

Seven Stories Bookshop is free to enter and has been recognised as one of the biggest and best independent children's bookshop's in the UK. There are hundred of titles to choose from with inspiring and exciting books for all ages alongside literary gifts, special editions and activity packs. I am a firm believer that a book is one of the best gifts you can give a child and Seven Stories has to be the place in Newcastle with the best choice.

Photo source - Seven Stories

Great North Museum

The Tyne and Wear museum gift shops are packed with toys, arts, crafts and stocking fillers that are built to last. There are gifts from around the world, the Roman era and all sorts to inspire their imagination.

Life Science Centre

The Life Science Centre gift shop is packed with unusual toys and gifts alongside science sets, telescopes and kits. If you have a budding scientist in your family or simply someone who asks a lot of questions, I have no doubt you will find the perfect for them at Life. Free entry to the gift shop.

Image Courtesy of Life

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet on Grainger Street is always my first port of call when I am looking for a gift I know my 9 year old will love. There are Avengers, Doctor Who, Star Wars, DC, Marvell and comic gifts galore whether this be a t shirt, figure, keyring or model kit, Forbidden Planet is like an Aladdin's Cave for Sci-Fi lovers.

Newcastle Castle

The Castle Gift shop is stocked with old fashioned toys, local gifts, swords, helmets and all things castle! Perfect for children who enjoy role play and history.

So there you have our ideas for some alternative Christmas shopping for kids in Newcastle City Centre. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. 


  1. Some great options and the Seven stories bookshop looks lovely, I just love bookshops and could spend hours in them x

  2. Fantastic ideas....I would have never thought about shopping in these places.
    My fella and I are having a trip to Newcastle soon. Christmas shopping so will keep these in mind x

  3. What a lovely feature! I do all my Christmas shopping online and feel smug that I've done it from the comfort of my desk. But then I feel cheated out of the magic of just wandering, and discovering the perfect surprise. I suppose there's a balance. I need to make some time to just go and explore, in the run up to Christmas, before I've bought everything I think I need and there's still money left!

  4. Fab suggestions I would add the Discovery museum -some great little and interesting things :)


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