My thoughts on elf on the shelf

Ooooh there's a lot of debate in the blogging/parenting world about elf on the shelf. Lots of people love him, lots of people hate him, each to their own I say. We however,  are one of those family's who LOVE HIM!

Our elf Zac has been part of our family Christmas for the past four years. He brings lots of extra fun and enjoyment to our house - he brings a special North Pole breakfast on December 1st, delivers new PJ's on Christmas eve (we would have done these things anyway so we aren't using him as an excuse to indulge) and gets up to lots of mischief whilst everyone's sleeping.

Zac isn't a naughty elf but he is a little crazy and likes to enjoy tea with barbie and sometimes he hides in our Christmas tree.

We are all for rewarding positive behaviour so this year, Zac has brought a behaviour chart that we have stuck to our fridge and every day our children write something kind that they have done for others that day on there.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on elf on the shelf - Love him or hate him?


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  1. We love ours! It's our first year with an elf and my youngest is especially amazed! She is believing the magic and it is so special!


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