Longhorns BBQ Smokehouse

There's a new smokehouse in town by the name of Longhorns. Longhorns are  'all about awesome food' and over the summer have been found filling bellies at The Boilershop Steamer where they have received a bit of a cult following. On the back of this success, they've opened their very own BBQ smokehouse on Mosley Street in Newcastle.

What really sets Longhorns apart their competition is that all of their meat is locally sourced from Northumberland and Durham and their sauces and slaws are made fresh on premises. Sounds great! Their menu features a selection of tempting sandwiches, ribs and wings or BBQ boards which have really caught my eye - any two meats and two sides for £10 which sounds perfect to me.

Longhorns have been receiving rave reviews over on their facebook page about their food. They have had a few teething problems with service but all credit to Longhorns who took the bull by the horns and closed the restaurant for a day to re-educate their staff. I love how keen they are to get things right.

The Breaking Badass Challenge

Would you just look at all that meat! 7 lb of it to be precise! Made up with Texas Badass Brisket, Badass Beef Ribs, Memphis Pulled Pork, Full Rack of Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Wings, Pit Beans, Red Pickle Slaw, Brioche & fries. Contestants have 1hr to finish it to gain entrance to the currently empty hall of fame and a free t-shirt! I can imagine a few Geordies giving this challenge their best shot. 

Longhorns is open daily from 11am. Reservations are not required. I can't wait to get down there and sample what they have to offer.


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