Today is our 8th wedding anniversary

So 8 years ago today at 12:40pm (I was 40 minutes late) I tied the knot to my husband Steve at Linden Hall in Northumberland. To me, the day was perfect. However when I look back at the photographs now I do think we both look really young (and Harry who is only 6 weeks old). Although I was young, at the age of 22 I did know it was Steve I wanted to marry and I absolutely do not regret marrying so young. I look at 22 year olds today and sometime's can't believe I was married with a mortgage and a baby at their age. I think you know in your heart when it is right though and age really does not matter,

I met Steve when I was 17. I worked with him in at a car auction while I was in sixth form. It's fair to say there wasn't much between us to start with - in fact he used to annoy me with his lazy ways and he would make me do all of work!

Fast forward a year or so and I had just turned 18. It was our works Christmas party and we both had far too much to drink. We were the only ones there under the age of 30 and well one thing led to another! 

Two weeks later and Steve finally plucked up the courage to ask me on a date. We hit it off straight away when we weren't working together and spent the whole night laughing. It was the sort of night that went over in a flash and we didn't want to end. A few more dates like this and we were officially girlfriend and boyfriend.

In October I left home to live and study at Dundee university. I didn't like the course and I didn't like being away from Steve so I moved back home and we bought our own little flat together when I was only 19 and I started training as a dental nurse.

It's fair to say we are completely different people now to who we were when we first met. We have had our ups and downs through the years but I honestly know we both could not be without each other. I know that Steve will always support me in whatever I choose to do and vice versa. It makes me cringe when people say we are the perfect couple as we aren't - there have been many compromises along the way. We are on the same wavelength as each other 99% of the time though and it is very rare that we would ever argue and if we do it would be over something trivial and over in minutes. We both have the attitude that life is too short to be anything other than happy. We are both definitely the type of people who live their lives by 'you only live once' and always try to make the best of what we have.

With three kids life can certainly be stressful at times and I am a strong believer in making sure we invest in our marriage. These days this usually means going out for breakfast rather than a fancy evening meal as that's when all of our children are at school but it could also mean just putting our phones down and watching a movie together with a glass of wine as well. 

Happy Anniversary to my husband and my best friend! Thanks for making me smile every single day and going along with my crazy ideas. Here's to many more happy years xxxxx

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  1. Happy Anniversary guys! Love this .. I'm a sap and I will admit I shed a tear into my porridge .. I do love a love story :)

    Hope you have a great time celebrating x

    1. Ah thanks - we will be celebrating tonight - going to Grainger market this morning to buy some yummy treats

  2. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a really love story.
    Enjoy this special day and here's to many more!

  3. I find it hard to invest time in my marriage but I am really inspired by your idea to do "date night" during the day!

    Lovely photos!



  4. Sorry, I left a comment but it seems to have disappeared!! The gist was...this post is so lovely and you don't look any different now :)

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou xxx

  5. I had my wedding here back in May last year and I felt like it was a perfect day for us! Plus all of us dressed up only added to the entire ambience of banquet halls in Chicago.


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