Reasons I've fallen out of love with Amazon

I have grown up with amazon and have always loved just how easy it is to use - if I see something I would like to buy or the kids specifically mention a toy they like, I simply save it to my amazon wishlist to look at later. The amazon app lets me do this in a matter of seconds. I love how delivery is often free and prompt and how they sell everything from toothpaste to large appliances. I also will always read amazon reviews and lots of good reviews will influence my purchase. However this year, I have definitely fallen out of love with amazon. Here's why:-

1 - I want to shop local

I am much more aware of local and independent businesses now and would much rather give my cash to  a small business who appreciate it (and need it) rather than a large corporation who are never out of the news for dodging taxes.

2 - So much packaging!

I had a £200 gift card to spend on amazon this week and have received a few deliveries. Some of the packaging has been beyond ridiculous - huge cardboard boxes have been filled with items that only take up 1/3 of the space and then filled with lots and lots of packaging. There really is no need! I now need to go to our council waste centre to dispose of the cardboard that has filled my conservatory as it won't all fit in my bin!

3 - Prices

Amazon used to be super cheap - I really feel this is no longer the case. I know that prices fluctuate but why do they have to vary so much? A doll I wanted to buy Heidi was £20 on my wish list - when I went to purchase it the following day the price had fluctuated to £40! There are never any sale prices so it is just a guessing game trying to predict if and when prices will fall or rise. I also think that 9/10 times you can find products at a better price on other websites now as well.

4 - Quality

I have received three products this week that just haven't been up to scratch (a Thomas pillow pet, a gruffalo soft toy and a Marvel canvas). They were fairly expensive and when I received them I couldn't help but think they were poor value for money. I know if I had picked these up in a shop and looked at them first I would not have bought them so really, I have wasted money using Amazon. I know I could send them back and obtain a refund but we have tried this before and it is just so much hassle! Who has the time to email the sellers back and forth, re-package products and take them to the post office. I'd rather not have bought them in the first place!

So, I'm sad that my love affair with amazon has ended. My last few experiences have left me frustrated, this has not just been a one off. I vow not to buy from them again. I know they are convenient but I am looking forward to spending my cash with somebody who appreciates it from now on.

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  1. i know what you mean about the packaging

  2. Hi. Completely agree with your "shop local". Ive decided I will buy purely craft items for Christmas pressies, probably from Tynemouth market one upcoming weekend. There's always loads of interesting stuff there, so its time for spending to support local businesses. And don't get me started on Amazons tax! ;-)

  3. I can relate to lots of these. There is an Amazon price tracker online (can't remember the name though!) that let's you see historic prices and alerts you if an item hits your target price, but it still doesn't get away from the local/packaging problems. Supporting local business has to be the way forward x

  4. I'll shop with Amazon when they sort out their UK tax affairs!

  5. Their packaging is ridiculous! I am shopping with them less and less now, or if I do i shop through their marketplace rather than amazon direct!

  6. I'm not sure I could give up Amazon cold turkey as I really do use it for absolutely everything but I have to agree with everything u have said and especially about the quality. The problem in your not really buying from Amazon, they are the conduit, you never know where u are buying from. I just bought a backup iphone charger on the move and it's already broken after 1 day and the instructions have spelling mistakes. Think it came from Japan. You are certainly making me rethink and I will start looking into supporting. Thanks for your food for thought.

  7. Yes, yes, yes. All very good points. The packaging is horrendous and we constantly have a garage full of cardboard boxes. Oh and the fluctuating prices are so irritating. #TheList

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  8. Totally agree. I keep trying to wean myself off Amazon, but living out in the sticks a bit (and as a non-driver too) it's just too easy! But I'm definitely trying to buy local when I can, and have been dipping into Etsy too. If all goes to plan I'll be making most of this years Christmas pressies - we shall see! xx

  9. I feel the same about the packaging...we recycle but I still feel like it's such a waste!!

  10. I have experienced the same as you regarding the packaging, it can be ridiculous! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  11. Hello, popping over from (and #thelist). I agree, there is so much packaging, such a waste and also shopping local is so much better :)


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