Child's Fairy Makeover at The Spa Bar, Ocean Spa - Butlin's Bognor Regis

With three children it is often hard to enjoy one on one time with each child so during our trip to Butlin's last month I knew this was something I wanted to make a priority.

Heidi is 5 and loves anything pink and covered and glitter. When I spotted you could book a fairy makeover in the spa bar at Butlin's Bognor Regis, I knew this would be the perfect way to spend some fun time together.

The boys headed off to the cinema and we started our girls-only afternoon with a trip to scoop ice cream parlour.  There are about 40 different types of ice cream to choose from and we took about 5 minutes deciding, the staff were very patient with Heidi as she couldn't make up her mind. We made our final decisions and enjoyed our ice cream in the cow-themed parlour. My favourite was the raspberry sorbet whereas Heidi loved the chocolate.

The Spa bar is completely separate to the main Ocean spa and is located just outside of the main Skyline Pavillion. It feels like a hairdressers with a nail bar inside. There is a special area for fairy makeovers which is gorgeous. An excited Heidi took her seat.

For £18 you get a hairstyle, fairy make up, your nails painted, a fairy wand, tiara, skirt and wings plus a certificate after the whole experience. Considering a fairy costume would cost £10+ anyway I think this is extremely good value for money. I would have been happy to pay up to £30 for everything we received.

Heidi could choose one of two hairstyles, we decided on curls plus a french plait across her fringe. To Heidi's delight, this was finished with lots of glitter hairspray too. We were really pleased with the results and although the curls fell out pretty quickly, the plait stayed in Heidi's fringe for 4 days.

Next up was the fairy make up. Again, we were really pleased with the design (especially as it included even more glitter) although this only lasted one day.

There were so many nail varnishes to choose from and Heidi wanted glitter - we persuaded her to have pink with glitter on top though and she was very happy I had finally allowed her to wear nail varnish.

The final part of Heidi's makeover was to dress her up in her fairy outfit - I was really impressed with the quality of the outfit, I was expecting something really cheap but the accessories we were given were of excellent quality. Heidi was one happy fairy (nb the white dress was Heidi''s own - she was given a purple ra-ra skirt which is under her dress)

The only thing I wasn't so keen on was that there was little interaction from the staff, given the Butlin's ethos I imagined the therapist to be talking to Heidi throughout, finding out about her holiday and generally making a fuss. This didn't happen and although it didn't detract from the experience I did find it odd.

Fairy makeover's take about 30 minutes and need to be pre-booked once you are on resort. We booked no problem on the second day of our break for the following afternoon.

Heidi LOVED walking around resort dressed as a fairy and received lots of admiring glances and comments. We were both really pleased with the results.

We met back up with the boys and after dinner finished our day watching (and dancing) along to a One Direction tribute band. Heidi was right at the front and I'm not sure if she actually thought they were the real thing? (You can download detailed entertainment guides here)

I loved taking Heidi for her fairy makeover, it was a special pampering experience we both enjoyed and when we visit Bognor Regis again I will definitely re-book.



  1. Oh, this looks very sweet! My daughter would no doubt love it, too!


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