There's never anytime to straighten my hair

We have decided to return to some of the best holidays we've had and start camping again next year! I first posted this blog in 2009 - it' a good reminder of what to expect.......

Whilst camping last week, I was reminded on my pre-baby self. Every morning there would be a queue of girls in their teens and early twenties waiting to use the one available plug socket in the shower block to blowdry and straighten their hair and to fight over the mirrors to apply their make-up. Rewind 3 years, and I probably would have been standing in that queue but unfortunately now I don't have the luxury of having a spare hour to be able to do this and even if I did have the time there was absolutely no way I could squeeze a hairdryer or pair of straighteners in my car, what with the moses basket, steriliser, airbeds, mini fridge etcetc already threatening to burst the boot open. This left me with mixed feelings.

On one hand, I felt completely un-glamorous in my 4 year old reebok classic trainers, jeans rolled up to my knees (to stop the bottoms getting wet!), my hair scrapped back and no make-up to be seen. I would look at the child-less girls with envy as they looked fab with their made up faces and perfect hair and a new perfectly accessorised outfit every day. (Although some girls did go too far and made me laugh.......white jeans and high heels on a campsite anyone!)

On the other hand, it reminded me of how I dont have to get made up all of the time as my family love me the way I am anyway and it is much more important to me to spend an hour having fun with the family than an hour in front of the mirror now.

Also, I was quite smug as while all these girls girls were fighting over the one socket in the shower block, I knew that I had 3 spare plug sockets in my tent. It's just a shame I needed them to plug kettles (to heat Heidi's bottles), fridges (to store Harry and Heidi's milk) and toasters (for Harry's breakfast) in! Otherwise I'm sure I would've plugged my straighteners in and looked as glamorous as these girls ;-)

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