Saying goodbye to the toddler years

My middle child Heidi started full-time school today (September 2013). She is happy, confident and ready for it. I had no sad feelings about this transition at all (other than the fact that summer was over!)

Fast forward to September 2015 however and the mood in the Rickelton house will be completely different. My last baby will be off to school!

In the 10 years before this moment, all I will have known is being pregnant or having a toddler by my side! I worry how I will cope when this is no longer the case and it's just me......

I am the person that organises toddler get-togethers, I am the person who meets up with other mums in the park and I am the person my friends ask for advice as usually I have been there and done that. I have made some lovely new friends through my children. I worry that once I no longer have a toddler by my side this will all change and I will have some sort of identity crisis!

I will miss how much a toddler makes you laugh and how much fun they are to be around. Jack doesn't just make me laugh every day, he makes me laugh every hour! 

These feelings have really made me want to make the most of these precious 4 months I have just me and Jacky-boy before he starts nursery in January. Time to start planning some fun!



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