Gross science review

I suspect Gross science will be on a lot of children's Christmas list's this year! Every time the advert appeared on the tv my son would jump around the room in excitement!  Priced at £19.99 we decided to buy him it for his 7th birthday last week.

Gross science promises 12 totally gross activities! When we opened the box, I was slightly disappointed with the content. It certainly does not look like £20 worth!

There are various powders (eg snot powder) and food colouring, a brain mould, a pair of goggles, an instruction book and a few other plastic bits and bobs.

The instruction booklet states the kit should be used under adult supervision at all times. The activities to try are as follows:-

*bouncy poo
*boils and spots

There are also a few gross recipes in the back including stuffed cockroaches! Yuk!

Tonight we decided to make 'snot'. We had to fill one plastic cup with room temperature water and add one scoop of 'snot powder' 

Then we had to transfer the water between 2 cups for 2 minutes in order to turn it into snot!

The result was lots of green gooey snot which my 7 year old absolutely loved! It kept him entertained for a good 30 minutes (probably longer if it hasn't have been bed time)

We hope to complete one activity per week which will take us past Christmas. So despite there initially not looking like their is much in the kit, it has definitely been good value for money as my son absolutely loved it and he will learn something new every week from now until Christmas!


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