Back to school resolutions

Kids go Back to school on Tuesday! I am determined to stick to more of a routine this year! These are my back to school resolutions:-

1. I will meal plan every week and use the full potential of my freezer!

Meal planning always saves me money, ensures we eat as a family more often and generally we eat a lot better when I meal plan. My freezer needs a good sort out and I really need to remember to defrost food more often and use it up rather than buying fresh everyday!

2. Read every night before bed

My children read everyday for school anyway but it is usually while I am cooking tea/driving them to school. I really want to make the effort to read with them every night as well but just for fun and really making it part of our routine rather than something we just do when we have time.

3. Prepare uniforms, bags and lunch boxes the night before

I always start off with the best intentions of doing this but then this routine always seems to go out of the door and we end up running around like a headless chicken in the mornings! My hubby now leaves for work at 7:15am so the morning routine will mostly be down to me. Preparing the packed lunches, getting uniform ready and checking book bags for letters/homework the night before saves time and makes sense!

4. 20 minutes homework 3 nights per week

I am a strong believer that Most of what children learn actually comes from their parents. Learning does not have to be boring - there are lots of good online resources and suggestions to help. Hopefully school homework won't be set on a Thursday this year as my eldest has football training so it is already a busy night!

5. Friday fun night

Daddy will be home from work every other Friday in time to pick the kids up from school. On these weeks we will each take it in turns to choose a fun activity - whether it be takeaway and a movie, tea out, bowling or just a walk along the beach with fish n chips! 

On the Friday nights when it's just me and the kids I will plan some sort of free entertainment like a trip to the park or craft activity or baking.

So they're my new resolutions. Lets hope I stick to them! Anyone got any they'd like to add??


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