Myth Quest at Great North Museum - A FREE Day Out

 This is an advert for August 2023 and based on a visit in August 2023. Any reshares/edits beyond this date have not been asked or paid for. 

Myth Quest: Monsters and Mortals is a FREE interactive exhibition available for all to enjoy at Great North Museum : Hancock (Newcastle City Centre). Myth Quest runs daily until 3 September and you don't need to book - just drop in during normal museum opening hours (10am-5pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat and 11am-4pm Sun). 

Myth Quest : Monsters and Mortals - Need to Know 

  • All ages welcome - it's designed for the whole family. I would recommend best for ages 5-13 years (ish). There is plenty for younger/older siblings to enjoy too 

  • FREE indoor activity with no booking required 

  • Available daily across the summer holidays until 3 September 

  • Myth Quest is a 'choose your own adventure' style activity which takes you on an adventure around the museum - you take part in an interactive story and 'choose' where to go / what to do next

  • There are three different quests to choose from. Each quest should take 30-60 minutes. You can complete all three on one visit or come back on a different day to try another (or just try one quest if you prefer - there are no rules and it's very relaxed) 

  • Accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs 

  • If you're looking for a quiet time to visit, pick a sunny day (if such a thing exists!) and visit as the museum opens or one hour before the museum closes 

  • There are also dedicated relaxed openings from 9am-10am on 8 August, 15 August, 22 August and 29 August 

  • There is plenty of seating inside the museum, an indoor packed lunch area, a cafe, baby change area and ear defenders / sensory packs can be borrowed from the front desk 

  • If you're taking part in 'Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne', there is one big Shaun outside the museum plus a flock of mini Shauns inside the museum AND a special 'Design your own Shaun the Sheep' colouring competition area inside the museum 

  • Accessible toilets are available including a toilet with a shower, seat and adult changing bench. A fully accredited changing places toilet is available inside Newcastle University Campus

  • Find out more here:

Myth Quest : Monsters & Mortals 

We visited on a rainy day in Newcastle with Jack (12) and Harry (16). On arrival we checked in with the admissions desk and were given this special map inviting us to follow the route to find Mary's study. You start your quest upstairs in the large temporary exhibition space.

It's easy to find with the map and directions throughout the museum but ask a member of staff if you're unsure - there are plenty about. There is a lift to the rear of the museum if required. 

Myth Quest at Great North Museum - A FREE Day Out

Your quest begins in Mary Hancock's study. Mary is the sister of the museum founders and was a bit of adventurer herself.

In a recently discovered letter , you can read how Mary travelled to a parallel universe and encountered many myths and monsters. She mentions that this place is not for the faint hearted and recommends you take a special Time Quartz with you, which will help you return to safer times when required. 

As you walk through Mary's study and the Mythical Archive, you can view and read about lots of weird and wonderful objects. Take note of these as you may choose some of them to help you with your quest. 

Once you have walked through Mary's Study and the Mythical Archive and taken note of some of the mysterious artefacts on display, it's time to pick your quest. Staff are on hand to help you here so do ask if you need assistance. 

There are three quests to choose from - Foggy Forest of Forgetting (green), The Serpentine Sea of the Seven Seas (blue) or Moody Mountains of Monsters (purple). Take your pick and collect the corresponding quest sheet. 

Before you set off on your quest, you are asked to pick one mythical object to take with you into the parallel. This is where your trip through Mary's Archive will help you out. We decided to pick an 'Object of Defence'. 

Once you've picked your object, use one of the pencil's provided to make a rubbing of the object onto your quest sheet at the bench. 

Next, you need to pick up your special Time Quartz which will save you if you turn down the wrong path - this is a special crystal set inside a crown which all participants are encouraged to pick up and wear along their quest. You can keep the Time Quartz and take it home with you at the end. 

Jack picked 'The Serpentine Sea of the Sirens' as his adventure. The quest sheet includes a map and shows you the way to your first waypoint. There are markers on the floor too if you need them. 

We are an adventurer at sea and meet a captain of a ship. He asks us to travel with him and try to help him to save his wife who has sadly been cursed by the gods and turned into a cow! Off we went to waypoint one with high hopes....... 

Each waypoint is clearly marked with your quest colour and number. At each point you will find the next part of your story in a ringbinder. Read the story (or ask your grown up to) and then at the end there are a few different options for you to pick and decide where to take your adventure next. 

Some of the waypoints have characters that will speak to you too. 

Below is an example - you can choose from a few options for how your story turns out next. You then flip the file to the corresponding option (eg turn the file to tab 'A' if you pick to not throw the ring into the ocean). You will then discover your fate and be given the next waypoint number to head to next. Consult your quest map to find it. 

This quest will take you across the full museum and you hunt out the different way points and does feel like a real adventure. 

Just to mention that Harry (16) just wanted to go off and do his own thing. He loves museums, especially ancient history so had a fab time discovering new facts which he kept coming back to tell us. There's also a planetarium with shows across the day (small charge applies). 

If you're trying Myth Quest with little ones in tow, there's plenty to entertain them along the way with a living planet gallery filled with amazing animals, a huge dinosaur, crystals and the mouse house which is a dedicated interactive area of the museum for under 5s. 

As adults, we thoroughly enjoyed Myth Quest and it took us right back to our days of 'Choose your own adventure' books which I was obsessed with borrowing from the library. 

It did take Jack one or two waypoints to get into it and understand the concept, but once he got there he absolutely loved it and had a brilliant time. If we're in Newcastle again over the summer, we will be popping in to try another one of the quests. They're really well thought out and lots of fun. 

Once you've worked your way through the quest and picked which ways to turn and which actions to take next, you'll end up at the 'Hall of Heroes'. 

In the 'Hall of Heroes' you have to visit the Pool of Knowledge and answer their questions about the adventure you've just been on. You must answer honestly - the Pool knows! Your fate awaits. 

Sadly, we didn't manage to help the Sea Captain to save his wife. We did however change her from a cow into a fish. And I think that's progress right? 

I've lots count of the number of times I've visited Great North Museum but this quest really added a new dimension to our visit and showed us the museum in a new light. Even if you're regular visitors, it's worth popping in this summer to try this.

It's fun and a lovely activity for the whole family to get involved with - perfect for families with mixed aged children or for an indoor activity to try when meeting up with friends this summer. I imagine groups of friends will really get stuck into this activity and will enjoy planning an adventure together. 

In the Myth Quest Hall of Heroes you can then learn more about some of the mythical objects, fascinating objects and interesting characters you met along your journey. 

The headline sponsor for this exhibit is Coatsink - they have developed and published lots of games for all current gen consoles including Jurassic World: Aftermath and Transformers: Battleground. You can try two of their games for FREE in the gaming area on the ground floor (towards the rear of the museum in the packed lunch area). 

Phogs! is a cute game where you play as a two-headed dog with a very stretchy belly and visit three different worlds and Astronimo is a co-operative constructive platform puzzler set in outer space. Both are worth a try if you're looking for some down time after your quest. 

As a side note, if you're taking part in this year's Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne Trail, there is a big Shaun the Sheep Sculpture directly outside of the museum. You'll also find a flock of mini Shauns hiding inside the museum with some hiding amongst the exhibits. They are so cute! 

Don't miss the special 'Shaun the Sheep' colouring zone inside the museum where you can design your own Shaun the Sheep and enter a competition to win a Bean Bag and Treat Box courtesy of Bazaar Group. 

Travelling to Great North Museum : Hancock

Address - Great North Museum : Hancock. Barrass Bridge. Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE2 4PT
Opening hours - 10am-5pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat and 11am-4pm Sun

We travelled by Tyne & Wear Metro - this visit was part of a full day out and afterwards we travelled to North Shields Fish Quay by Metro for lunch, then caught the Shields Ferry to South Shields to visit South Shields Museum & Art Gallery before catching the Metro back to Wallsend where we had parked the car for the day. 

Pop Pay As You Go with Google Pay 

I use this option when travelling by Metro (it's suitable for those with Android phones).

I have a virtual Pop Card in my Google Pay Wallet. I pre-load it and then just tap in and out of stations with my phone when travelling. It automatically calculates the best fare for me to use and it's super easy to use with no physical ticket, cash, bank card or physical travelcard required. Find out more here: Pop Pay As You Go with Google Pay 

Pop Pay As You Go 

Steve has an Apple phone so the above isn't suitable for him. Instead he uses a Pop Pay As You Go Card which he always has in his wallet and just tops up as required (you can do this online or at a station). Similar to above, you just tap your card in and out of stations using the machines above and it automatically calculates the best fare for you. Find out more here: Pop Pay As You Go Card 

When using a Pop Pay As You Go (with either card OR Google Pay), you will save up to £1.35 on a paper day ticket so it's well worth taking the time to set this up - even if you're an infrequent Metro user as we are and only really use the Metro for days out. Check current fares here: PAYG Metro Fares 

Pop Blue for Teens & Young People 

If you're aged 16-21 (or under), a Pop Blue card will cap fares at £1 for a single journey or £2.20 for a full day. This is much cheaper than a standard adult fare. Under 16s can also use a Pop Blue card but sometimes child fares may be cheaper so it's worth checking these out too.

It works in the same way as the regular Pop card - just top up online or at a station and tap in and out of the metro station validator / gates when travelling. Find out more here: Pop Blue 

Kids Go FREE 

Up to three children aged 11 and under can travel free of charge on the Metro and Shields Ferry when accompanying a fare paying adult. When travelling with kids using this offer, look out for the wide access gates below and use these when exiting the station. Find out more here: Kids Go Free Offer

Park + Ride Metro Stations 

We often travel by Metro when visiting the coast at peak times (when it's going to be tricky to get park), if we're going to be spending a long time in Newcastle (Metro is often cheaper than parking) or if we are visiting multiple locations in one day when it's just easier and less stressful to use public transport.

We tend to park at Wallsend Metro Station which has a small free car park. There is a further list of Park and Ride Stations here: Park & Ride Metro Stations


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