FREE Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Thanks to our writer Alyssa for this guest post. 

Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Another day- another challenge! 

This one will not have you walking 5-10 miles like my usual challenges - instead, I'm encouraging you to put your feet up and relax - there are so many ways to take part and it’s completely free! *insert happy dance here* 

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This challenge is fantastic for encouraging children (ages 4-11) to continue reading throughout the summer, avoiding that pesky summer slide (the decline in reading/ other academic skills over the course of the summer).

With over 700,000 children taking part, this challenge is perfect for encouraging children to keep up with those vital skills in a fun way so you can worry less about the academic slides and more about where the biggest playground slides are instead. 

This year's theme is ‘games and sports’ and there are lots of stickers and even a certificate and medal! Many libraries have events linked to this theme so be sure to check out what’s happening near you.

How it works:

There are several ways to take part, the challenge is very inclusive: - 

You can sign up in person at your local library - Your child will need their own library card to participate. You’ll be given a form to fill out on behalf of the participating child the library will then use to track your child's books over the summer. 

Do you know about North Tyneside’s good neighbor scheme? For whatever reason you can’t make it to the library don’t think you can't participate, this scheme is well worth looking into! (More info here - 

This year's challenge started on July 15th and will end on September 5th. You don’t have to sign up straight away so if you are late to the game don’t worry you will still be able to take part. 

This is our 3rd year taking part so my girls were counting down the days and our local library had a summer fair on launch day so the 2 naturally went hand in hand. 

We were given a reading challenge map which is your ‘challenge passport’ for all intense and purposes. To complete the challenge you need to read 6 library books over the course of the summer.  These can be physical books, audiobooks, and e-books.

In exchange for every 2 book’s you will be given stickers to go on your map (some of them even have those scratch scents!) 

After 6 have been completed you get a medal and a certificate (and bragging rights of course!) 

There is also a mini challenge suitable for younger readers - you are given a card where stamps are collected for reading books with a grown-up and after collecting 6 stamps you can exchange your stamped card for a book.

It’s worth noting you’ll only be able to claim your stickers/ certificates/medal from the same library you signed up with - an initiative put in place to help avoid overproducing resources which in turn increases waste.

Many libraries are also having a competition to design a badge the best design will win a hoodie with their badge printed on the front of it. Submissions need to be given to participating libraries by September 5th. 


You can take part online on the official Summer Reading Challenge website which can be found here: you won’t receive any physical rewards (unless you print the certificate) but you’ll still be able to earn digital badges when you reach your goal. 

Ready, Steady, Read! 

Happy Reading - Aly


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