A Trip to Albania - 5 Reasons to Visit

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If you enjoy a cheeky TikTok or Instagram scroll, no doubt you'll have noticed videos from beautiful unspoilt beaches in Albania popping up.

A Trip to Albania - 5  Reasons to Visit

The country is currently undergoing a huge tourism boom, especially with younger travellers and this is largely thanks to their rising social media presence. 3.4 million foreign nationals have visited Albania so far this year. 

According to Wizz Air, passenger numbers to Albania are up 27% this year and as a whole, tourism has increased by 33% when compared to last year. Skyscanner searches for flights to Albania have increased by almost 60% this year and demand only looks set to increase. 

A Trip to Albania - 5  Reasons to Consider

5 Reasons to Consider a Trip to Albania

1 - It's Cheap 

If you're looking for somewhere where your £ will go further, Albania will fit the bill with a meal for 2 coming in at less than £30 and the average beer setting you back £1.67. If you don't mind going slightly off the beaten track, it is still possible to find beer for as little as 80p. Bargain! 

Flights are good value too with deals for less than £40 return currently available. 

If you book your trip to Albania with Voyage PrivĂ© ,  you can expect exclusive hand-picked hotels and guided tours with discounts of up to 70%. 

2 - 300 Days of Sunshine 

Albania is located in the South East Europe and has a similar Mediterranean climate to Greece. With warm summers and 300 days of sunshine, the hottest time of year to visit is July (this is also the month with the least rain) but even in Autumn it is still warm enough to swim in the sea.

Albania is generally slighlty cooler than Spain with average summer temperatures 24 - 31C. 

3 - Visit Untouched Beaches & Lakes 

A Trip to Albania - 5  Reasons to Consider  - untouched beaches

Albania is home to 100s of stunning beaches with pure white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Borsh is Albania's largest beach. It goes on for over 4 miles and the blue Ionin sea is just stunning.

Beaches like Ksamil are some of the best in the world with three islands which can only be reached by swimming / boat, it looks like paradise here although thanks to Instagram, it does get busy. 

It is pretty easy to find a hidden gem though and just like Northumberland, you can often have a beautiful beach all to yourself, especially if you travel away from the popular tourist destinations. 

Check out Karpen Beach for somewhere a little quieter. 

4 - Explore Old Towns 

A Trip to Albania - 5  Reasons to Visit

Albania is steeped in history and if you love wandering cobbled streets and visiting flea markets, you'll be in your element here. 

Gijrokaster Old Town is must-visit with wonderful views (you can see Corfu from here) with buildings popping out of the hills overlooking the crystal clear Aegean sea. The architecture is just stunning here and I can really see myself sitting outside a cafe with a nice coffee taking in the views. (Coffee culture is alive and kicking in Albania by the way). 

5 - Search for Voldermort 

If you're a Potterhead, you'll know that Voldermort favoured Albania as his hiding place and has retreated to the country's forests several times when he's in a weakened state. In fact, he stayed there for 10 years after murdering James and Lily Potter before being found by Professor Quirrel. 

I'm pretty sure nobody wants to set eyes on Voldermort in real life but I think it would be pretty fun to scout out some of the locations he may have chosen to hide....... 

Visit as a Day Trip from Greece 

If you're not completely convinced, did you know you can visit Albania as a day trip from nearby Corfu? It's a short trip too with ferry boats taking just over an hour and speed boats take around 30 minutes. There are plenty of operators to choose from at Corfu Port. 

So what do you think? Would you consider a trip to Albania? 


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