(Almost) FREE Breakfast with Santa at IKEA Gateshead

Thanks to our writer Alyssa for this post which was based on a visit in December 2022. 

(Almost) FREE Breakfast with Santa at IKEA Gateshead


Key Points

  • FREE to book for IKEA Family members (it's free to sign up and also gives you free tea/coffee Mon-Fri so well worth it)

  • Book via the IKEA website events page (dates are usually released in Oct/Nov) 

  • All children receive a FREE Santa Experience with the chance to take photos and a FREE high quality gift from Santa

  • FREE Santa Hats & Christmas Crafts 

  • Takes place in the IKEA restaurant where breakfast is available to purchase on the day (our writer paid £13 for 4 breakfasts with refillable drinks) 

Most of the people I surround myself with are familiar with the word ‘Hygge’ (Pronounced who-gah) – it is the art of creating cosiness and happiness within your everyday life, surrounding yourself with cosy blankets, candles, and a warm drink in a favourite mug.

I love making and gifting blankets and drinking hot chocolate is one of my favourite things to do, especially after a long walk, or during – sometimes I’m organised enough to remember a flask.

Hygge is one of my favourite things to quote when I am browsing through B&M – “you won’t be grumpy when you’re feeling all the Hygge” I say as my other half rolls his eyes. 

I wanted to start this article saying something along the lines of – I got the ‘Hygge feeling’ when taking part in Breakfast with Santa at IKEA  but having done a little research I discovered the word is actually Danish, not Swedish and the Swedes use the word ‘Mysa’ (Pronounced MEE- sah) – roughly translating to ‘Cosy, being relaxed, putting the metaphorical pin in the stress and the musts and just spending time in the moment with those you love, enjoying the use of all your senses rather than fixating on the beloved to-do list for a small while’ – Essentially the same thing. 

During the weekends throughout December Ikea Gateshead host Santa and his elves for breakfast with the aim of creating special togetherness moments for families.

Having taken part in the festivities for the past 2 years I can say with certainty that they do just that and it is fast becoming one of our favourite Christmas traditions.

The magic within IKEA starts as you enter the store, I like to think of it as more of an experience than a store – the music, the smells, the tastes, the sights, the THINGS – they all work in harmony to create that unique Swedish experience.

From experience I would note that that these events book up super quickly so I would recommend keeping an eye on the IKEA website around October/ November time.

Visitors are invited to purchase their breakfast as normal and then head down towards the back of the restaurant for your free Santa experience and free gift (for children). 

(Almost) FREE Breakfast with Santa at IKEA Gateshead


Breakfast itself comes at a great affordable price, I think we spent around £13 total for 4 breakfasts (1x regular, 1 small and 2x kids breakfast including drinks) – you also get free Lingonberry sauce which I absolutely love.

The picture above shows a small breakfast which had Bacon, sausage, an omelette, a hash brown, half tomato and beans for around £2.50, the regular doubles these items up which comes to £3.50 and the kid's breakfast was £1.50 where they could choose any 3 items from the breakfast menu.

You can also get Vegetarian options and additional items such as mushrooms and black pudding. There are other options available such as pastries, fruits and yoghurts, bacon/sausage sandwiches etc so if you don’t feel like a full breakfast, you certainly won’t go hungry.

The lines can get quite long so I’d get there as early as possible, staff members are also more than happy to help with any dietary enquires and mobility issues and will even fetch you a highchair should you need one. 

When you get to the back of the restaurant you are greeted by an excited elf who will take your name and then show you where you can sit. All the designated tables had Santa hats for you to use and take home and colouring was available should you want some.  

I love the way Ikea is decorated, I have several of the ‘Fejka’ (Poinsettia) plants dotted around my house, the one in the middle of this table was for display purposes but you can buy them from the plant department towards the end for £1 – total bargain and these ones were fake which is great if like me, you struggle to hydrate yourself never mind a plant!

I absolutely love the star decorations you can see in one of the photos below, I also might have bought some for my house too – oops!  


And yes, we 100% had a candy cane ‘lightsabre’ fight #sorrynotsorry

While we were sitting enjoying breakfast the guest of honour turned up, looking around I could see the looks of absolute joy on the faces of not just my family but the families surrounding us – it was magical.

 After a quick hello from Santa, he sat down with his elf and invited you to go see him once you had finished eating. At no point did we feel rushed and when we were ready, we joined the queue and patiently waited our turn.

He was a lovely Santa and built up a great rapport with the kids quickly – my 5-year-old then announced she would like a toy microwave (does anyone else’s kid ask Santa for presents that are not on their lists or just mine? D’oh!) and seeing our confusion Santa understood not to make promises (Phew!) 


The girls each got an early present from Santa for being well behaved and with a photo to remember we went back to our tables to unwrap our early gifts….

   *Spoiler alert, they got IKEA Lego (Aka – BYGGLEK) – which they absolutely LOVED! And in true IKEA fashion, much to our amusement, there were even tiny hotdogs in the packs! 


There was no pressure to leave after the event, once Santa had gone back to the North Pole the girls asked if they could play in the children’s play area which is next to where the event was held – which of course with refillable drinks to enjoy and Cinnamon buns for 30p (on offer) we were happy to let them burn off some energy while we sat and relaxed.

I absolutely love going to IKEA, my other half – not so much but even he said he had a good time. I even showed him the shortcut to the checkouts after the restaurant… we didn’t take it though, the girls wanted to visit their favourite bathroom… 


They love playing in this shower, it’s like a walk though dolls' house they say.

 Inspiring the next generation to enjoy the ‘Wonderful Every day’. 


Free Family Films at IKEA

It is also worth noting that the very back of the restaurant currently has a warm space (Cosy Corner) in partnership with Warm Spaces for everyone to enjoy free of charge.

Monday-Friday they also play 2 free films a day at 10 am & 4.30 pm. *Times are subject to change which is advertised on the Family page on the IKEA website. * You can also enjoy free teas and coffees (Mon-Fri) as part of your IKEA Membership there are also various offers available. Find out more here. 


Ikea Gateshead offers free parking, which includes Disabled and Parent & Baby parking bays.

This store also offers family-friendly toilets/ baby care rooms containing step stools & toilet seat boosters in each family toilet cubicle. 

There is a nursing area within the restaurant that offers a calm and private environment to breastfeed if you would prefer, although the store policy is mothers are welcome to breastfeed where they wish. 

They also offer assistance with loading/ unloading any goods from your vehicle. 

Free Wi-fi is available throughout the store. 

You are also able to borrow a manual wheelchair at the front of the store should you need one, these also link up to wheelchair-friendly trolleys. Aisles are wider and pay points are equipped with detachable chio& pin pads.

More information on accessibility is available here 

Prepare for your visit | Customer services - IKEA

 Getting to IKEA 

By public transport

My recommended route from Newcastle City Centre would be the 6 (Lanchester) and X45 (Consett) buses, starting from Eldon Square (I usually get on outside of Central as its less busy) - from experience the number 6 bus is the more reliable bus. This drops you off at a stop called ‘Long Rigg’ leaving you with a short 5-minute walk to the entrance of IKEA. 

Getting to the Restaurant

From the store entrance to the restaurant, you can walk the regular route (follow the arrows – or just keep swimming as my 7-year-old likes to sing) which will take you around the houses or you can take a few shortcuts.

There is one a short distance from the entrance which the front-of-house co-worker can help point out (they can also show you the shortcut map).

This lets you skip living rooms and office areas. Once you’ve taken this shortcut you will arrive in the Kitchen department where you will find another shortcut by the fridges (the staff can also point this out if you need) which loops you past bedrooms and the children’s department.

At this point you’ll probably be able to both smell and hear the restaurant – there is a short walk around the corner – you’ll pass some mirrors and the toilets, and you will arrive at the cafĂ©. 

Getting to IKEA by car 

Use this address - IKEA Gateshead

Metro Park West

Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

NE11 9XS

Opening hours are as follows - 

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 21:00


10:00 - 20:00


11:00 - 17:00

Bank holiday:

10:00 - 19:00

Browsing hours:

Monday - Saturday: 09:30 - 10:00, Sunday: 10:00 - 11:00


More information can be found at - https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/stores/gateshead/


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