My Favourite Childhood Christmas Presents

 Happy 1st December! You may have noticed that some bloggers take part in Blogmas. It's usually 24 different prompts that you have to write about, one for each day between 1-24 December. I do love the idea of Blogmas but I know for a fact I won't stick to it so I won't be taking part officially. 

However instead, I'm going to share a different kind of Christmas post in December - ones where I just sit down and write a little about Christmas and then just publish straight away. I'm hoping to publish 12 posts like this altogether so I'm going with the original series title of '12 Days of Blogmas'.  They won't be in any order and sometimes there may be more than one per day and other times there may be a few days between posts. 

These posts will be more personal than the kinds I usually write and I'm looking forward to just sitting down and sharing bits and pieces without too much thought. 

12 Days of Blogmas - My Favourite Childhood Presents 

To kick things off, I thought I would share some of my favourite and most memorable Christmas gifts as a child. Let me know what yours are in the comments too. 

1 - Rollerblading Barbie 

I loved this so much. Rollerblading Barbie was a big hit in the early 90s. I remember byself and my cousin both received one at the same time and we were obsessed! That year, we had a big family get together at my aunty's house and we both spent the whole time whizzing our barbies across the floor and seeing who could make the most sparks fly. 

Yes actual sparks came out of her roller blades! Not sure they'd get away with this now. 

2 - Pink Barbie Caravan 

This is going for over £200 now! WOW! It was another must-have Barbie gift in the early 90s and to be honest, it was a good investment as it was played with a lot. It had a detachable jeep car, yellow foldable furniture and a little bed. I mean this must have cost pennies to make. I spent many summers playing in the garden with this and taking my barbie on all sorts of adventures. 

3 - Trolls 

I have a vague memory of trolls in the 90s being called friendship trolls or certainly they were associated with friendship. I remember there was one year where our friend group bought each other little troll pencil toppers for Christmas and then that Christmas I was also given a larger troll family. I had the bride, groom and bridesmaid trolls. Loved them. 

4 - Anything from Body Shop 

Body Shop Bath Pearls were also a big trend in friendship groups in the 90s and we used to gift our friends a set for Christmas. Are they even a thing now? I remember on a few Christmas' I would line up my Body Shop haul proudly with Dewberry Musk & Fuzzy Peach being particular favourites. 

5 - Sylvanian Family House 

I was a huge Sylvanian Family fan and had most of the sets. My grandad was a joiner and one year he built me a Sylvanian Family Mansion. Honestly I didn't know it wasn't actually a genuine set until I was an adult. The attention to detail was amazing and it was filled with furniture too. I spent many hours playing with it and really wish I still had it now. 

6 - Fun Fax & Spy File 

I was really into stationery and organising as a child and had both the OG Fun Fax and the Spy File. I spent many hours filling in the various sections, adding inserts and using the sticker sets. Happy days. 

7 - Toy Sweet Shop 

This was one of my favourite toys - a pretend sweet shop where the shelves were filled with real sweets. I reckon I only played with it once though. I remember it was a particularly sunny day and I set up the shop in my front garden with my friend when we both had chicken pox. Once the sweets were gone, so had the fun. I still loved it though. 

8 - Post Office 

I lived just around the corner from a post office when I was growing up so was a regular visitor. I was absolutely delighted when I was given my very own post office. It folded up and you could take it anywhere. I remember spending hours stamping letters and sorting mail. Ah happy days! 

Let me know if you also loved any of these presents and what your favourites were too. 


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  1. I am looking forward to reading your Blogmas posts.
    What a blast from the past this was. I used to love those Trolls, I had loads of them and my friends and I were all obsessed with the Body Shop. My favourite toy from being a child at Christmas was my A La Carte Kitchen and a giant trampoline which I spent all of Christmas day on one year. x


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