Disney On Ice Newcastle Tips

AD - Thanks to our writer Gaia for this post based on a visit to Disney On Ice at Utilita Arena on 7 December 2022. Please check with venue direct for up to date info regarding 2023's show.

Disney On Ice Newcastle Tips

We had a brilliant time at Disney on Ice tonight, it was a magical experience for the little ones aged 4 and 6 and for us grown ups too! It was all so well organised and we didn't have to queue for ages which is a big plus when you've got little kids staying up past their bedtime. Here are our top tips.

Parking/public transport

We were planning on parking in the Arena car park (see here for info) but missed a turning and ended up in Times Square multi-storey (see here for info). We got parked on level 3 and actually it wasn't as bad as we thought to get out. It only took 20 minutes from paying for our parking to get in the car and out of the car park. It cost £3.50.  Please note, on weekends when there are multiple shows per day, Times Square can get busier on entry and exit.

Public transport is a good option, Central Station is about a ten minute walk from the Arena with plenty of buses, metros and trains stopping there. You can park and ride at several Metro Stations too.

How much are snacks?

  • The official disney snacks all come with accessories, which makes the high cost a little more bearable!

  • Mickey Mouse buckets full of popcorn were £15 or a Disney on Ice lunchbag with popcorn was £12. There was also a branded box of popcorn for £7.

  • Bags of candyfloss come with a gold crown with Mickey ears or the pig from Moana's head and cost £13. 

  • Rainbow slushies in various different Disney cups were £15 each.

There are also non-Disney food options, one stand sells things like nachos and a soft drink (£9), chips (£4.80), crisps and sweets. We got some fresh donuts with Nutella from another stand during the interval and didn't queue for long (queues were longer before the show). Donuts with Nutella were £6 and bottles of water and soft drinks were £2.50-£3. They also serves coffees for £3.50. A reader has mentioned that you can buy £5 food bags from the main tills in the arena. You get a hot dog, crisps, chocolate and a drink. This seems like a good value option.

Can I pay with cash or card? The arena is card / contactless payment only. If you buy from an unnofficial vendor outside, you will need cash.

How much is the merch?

  • Programmes were £12

  • Flashing wands with Mickey Mouse ears or a snowflake cost £30!! There weren't any cheaper flashing things (except for the unofficial ones sold outside which were £10 each)

  • A printed out photo with Elsa cutout is £18 (fridge magnet) or £12 (photo envelope) - you can't take a photo with your own phone unless you pay for an official photo. 

  • There were lots of toys ranging in price, the cheapest was about £8 for a small princess figure. 

How long did it take to get into the arena?

We arrived 45 minutes before the show started and we only had to queue for 5 mins to get in. 

Are there booster seats for kids?

No but all of the seats in the arena offer a good view / kids often sit on grown ups' knees/ switch seats depending on who is sitting in front of them.

Did people take their own sweets / was there a bag search? 

They get you to open your bag and have a quick look inside and then you go through a metal detector - I don't know if they confiscate food if it's in your bag but I've heard they do. We took a few sweets in our pockets which was no problem.  The official line on their website is that you can't take your own food or drinks into the arena and glass bottles / cans are strictly prohibited. They are more strict with drinks due to the no liquid rule. Here is more info from the Newcastle Arena website: No backpacks, holdalls, suitcases will be admitted into the venue. The patron will be refused entry if they attempt to enter the venue with the prohibited item.

Patrons with accessible and medical requirements/equipment will be considered on an individual basis but encouraged to contact the venue in advance for ease of entry.

There will be no temporary storage facilities for such items within the venue and it will be left to the patron to find a safe temporary facility to hold the item. The venue will not be responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy. There is no cloakroom.

All remaining bags will be searched.

Prohibited Items

  • Backpacks including holdalls, luggage, computer bags and cushions**
  • Glass, cans, aluminium bottles or thermoses of any kind including any liquid products which can be consumed**
  • Flammable liquids in any container
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Video cameras, professional cameras and recording devices
  • Laptop computers, Ipads and Go Pro’s
  • Large/golf umbrellas
  • Knives, firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Signs, banners or flags with or without poles, staffs or selfie sticks
  • Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)
  • Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other noise-making distractions
  • Projectiles (Frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)
  • Aerosol cans (hairspray, mace pepper spray etc)
  • Fireworks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays
  • Glow sticks
  • Balloons
  • Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards
  • Food
  • Masks and helmets
  • Large belt buckles, studs, chains and spiked collars, boots or jackets
  • Glass bottles of perfume
  • Anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others
  • Any refreshments or refreshment containers
  • Cameras & recording equipment including iPads and Tablets: the unauthorised use of cameras, video, iPads and Tablets and any other form of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. However, some of the shows do permit the use of small digital cameras including, in many cases, 'bridge' cameras (larger digital cameras with zoom lenses that cannot be removed). For the avoidance of any confusion 'professional' cameras with removable and interchangeable lenses are always prohibited. Unfortunately, the camera policy for a specific show is typically only confirmed on the day of the event. We would advise that if you choose to bring a small digital camera to the Arena you must be prepared not to use it if requested not to do so.
**Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs, we ask this is communicated to venue ahead of visit for ease of entry.

Can you take your own flashy toys into the arena? 

As long as they don't include any of the restricted items above (eg liquid / glow sticks), you should be fine. People were taking their own flashy toys in last night with no problems. 

Age suitability / any bangs or scary parts to be aware of? 

There are a few bangs, a dragon and a couple of evil queens but they don't last long. My four year old was a tiny bit scared but soon got over it!

Can I still buy tickets?

Yes, they're available here (7-11 December): https://www.utilitaarena.co.uk/events/detail/disney-on-ice-presents-dream-big

Where can I eat nearby? 

You can buy food at the arena. Other ideas within walking distance include Lazy Bear Tipi at Central Station, Sachins, Mantra Thai, Central Oven and Shaker & Coop Chicken House. 

If you'd like to extend your day, see this post for 36 Festive Things to Do in Newcastle. 

What are the 2022 timings?

Please see utilita arena website for 2023 timings.

For us, it started at 6.30pm, there was a 15 minute interval half way through and it ended at 8.15pm.  Here are the official event timings: Wednesday 7th

Doors Open: 5.30pm / Show start: 6.30pm / Interval: 7.15pm / Show end: 8.10pm

Thursday 8th

Doors Open: 5.30pm / Show start: 6.30pm / Interval: 7.15pm / Show end: 8.10pm

Friday 9th - Afternoon

Doors Open: 3.00pm / Show start: 4.00pm / Interval: 4.45pm / Show end: 5.40pm

Friday 9th - Evening

Doors Open: 7.00pm / Show start: 8.00pm / Interval: 8.45pm / Show end: 9.40pm

Saturday 10th - Morning

Doors Open: 9.30am / Show start: 10.30am / Interval: 11.15am / Show end: 12.10pm

Saturday 10th - Afternoon

Doors Open: 1.30pm / Show start: 2.30pm / Interval: 3.15pm / Show end: 4.10pm

Saturday 10th - Evening

Doors Open: 5.30pm / Show start: 6.30pm / Interval: 7.15pm / Show end: 8.10pm

Sunday 10th - Morning

Doors Open: 9.30am / Show start: 10.30am / Interval: 11.15am / Show end: 12.10pm

Sunday 10th - Afternoon

Doors Open: 1.30pm / Show start: 2.30pm / Interval: 3.15pm / Show end: 4.10pm

Sunday 10th - Evening

Doors Open: 5.30pm / Show start: 6.30pm / Interval: 7.15pm / Show end: 8.10pm

We had a great time and made memories to last a lifetime. I still remember the last time I went to Disney on Ice when I was 8 and it was amazing taking my little girl to experience the magic.


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