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This post is based on a walk-in visit in April 2021. We have a table booked in a few weeks time and will update this post with more info from that visit then. 

I decided to wait a few weeks before visiting myself and I have a table booked in a couple of weeks, but this Friday lunchtime, Steve was off work so we decided to pop along and make use of their street food/coffee shop takeaway service. 

Secret Garden Seaton Delaval : Location & Information

The Secret Garden at Seaton Delaval is a brand new outdoor entertainment venue serving local food and drinks. Located on the former Laidlers site, I am delighted that somewhere like this has opened up on my doorstep. 

Credit : Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is located just off the A192 at Seaton Delaval. It has good road links to the A19, A189 and is not far from Seaton Sluice if you wish to combine with a trip to the coast. Use postcode NE25 0PP. There is a large (ish) free customer car park across the road. 

Secret Garden Customer Car Park


If you are looking to make a day of it or for ideas for places to visit nearby, below is a map showing some of our favourite places to visit nearby. You can drop into the Secret Garden at any time and order a takeaway from their Street Food Vans and some of the places mentioned below might be good for a picnic.

I have also included a couple of my favourite pubs and restaurants in case you happen to drop into the Secret Garden and discover they don't have any spare tables so are looking for an alternative. I really hope that having somewhere like the Secret Garden open up actually brings more visitors to the area and to nearby pubs, restaurants and attractions too: 

Secret Garden Seaton Delaval : Italian Coffee Shop / Takeaway 

You will find an Italian Coffee Shop inside the Secret Garden. At time of publishing, La Giardino Caffè is open: 

  • Monday - Wednesday 10am-6pm
  • Thursday-Saturday 10am-8pm 
  • Sunday 10am-5pm 
Do check these times before heading out though as details can quickly change. The Italian coffee shop is available to visit if you have a table booked at the Secret Garden OR you can just walk in without a booking to takeaway. I have to say, it was photos from this place that made we want to visit today. Everything just looks divine! 

If you are just 'walking in' enter through this black door at the front of the building and order like you would in any other coffee shop. 

They serve gorgeous homemade sandwiches and salads, pastries and cakes as well as drinks to takeaway. Everything looked so good! We bought a bag of coffee beans too. 

The staff were super friendly and the service was excellent. 

My quick snap of the cake counter really doesn't do it justice! The cakes are king of round the side so just ask if you can't see any on display. 

I went with Parma Ham, Mozzarella and Peppers on Sourdough and Steve ordered the Chicken and Avocado on Spelt. Both come with a little pot of dressing to drizzle over just before eating and you can help yourselves to (eco friendly) cutlery and napkins. 

I have only taken a photo of one sandwich but you actually get two per bag. We decided to take ours along to Seaton Delaval Hall for a bit of a picnic. I can hand on heart say the sandwiches were so good. So fresh and packed with fillings and flavour. I highly recommend. 

Secret Garden Seaton Delaval : Street Food Vendors 

If you are nearby or just fancy some street food, the Street Food Vendors are available for people to just walk in and order to takeaway without a booking. There will be new vendors popping up so this is brilliant for people like me who live close by and can pop over at lunchtime or after school if something takes our fancy. Keep an eye on the Secret Garden Facebook Page and Instagram for details of who is popping up and when. 

You can also order from the Street Food Vendors if you have a table booking, simply walk up to the vendor, order and pay and they will bring your food to your table once it's ready. 

If you are just 'walking in' simply walk down the side of the Secret Garden building (to the side of the coffee shop). You will see the Street Food painting on the wall. Just walk up to the vans and order to takeaway. 

Today there was a Peruvian Street Food Van, Acropolis and RedHeads Mac n Cheese (these will change regularly). 

Secret Garden Seaton Delaval : Table Bookings / Menus / Drinks Prices

Secret Garden Seaton Delaval is open daily, opening times vary for different vendors so please check their Social Media pages or give them a call to check if you are looking for specific information. 

It is best to book a table ahead of time to avoid disappointment, especially if you are visiting on a weekend. You can either use their online booking system here or give them a call on 0191 731 8897. If you cannot find the time you want online, it is always worth giving them a call in case they have received any recent cancellations. 

I have noticed that there seems to be less availability for tables of 2 so if you can't find a table for 2, search for a table for 4 or 6 instead and more availability may appear. It just means you have to find more friends to come along with you. 

On booking, you pay a £5 per person deposit. Personally, I am all for this as the number of posts I have noticed from pubs and restaurants regarding no shows is just ridiculous. This deposit will then come off your final bill. 

If you are passing, you can chance it and 'walk in' too. They will accommodate you if there are tables available. There are staff on the door to assist. 

Unlike Burn It Up North Shields, you do not use an app to order food and drinks. It is table service for drinks and the main menu or you can visit the street food vendors, order with them and pay direct and they will bring it to your table once prepared. 

My friend visited last week and enjoyed it. She said prices were on the expensive side and they were sat undercover on a sunny day and it was chilly / they weren't able to switch to a sunny table - something to be aware of and make sure you take a coat even if the sun is shining. 

The main menu features pizzas, loaded fries and burgers and drinks prices seem reasonable to me. For example:

Cocktails £6.45 
Mocktails £3 
Cocktail pitchers £15

Pint of Amstel £4 
Pint of Strongbow £4.30

Bottle of Bulmers £5
Wine £4 (small glass), £6.50 (large glass), £16 (bottle) 

Prosecco £5.95 per glass

Spirits drinks packages available (from around £100) 

I can't say much more without experiencing it for myself but I have a table booked in a few weeks time so will update this section of the post with menus, prices and more info then. 

Is Secret Garden Seaton Delaval Child & Dog Friendly 

Yes! Dogs are welcome as are children (with the exception of some events). There are some specific events which have been designed especially for children too. Local gelato is available from Ciccarelli. 

Secret Garden Live Music and Events 

The Secret Garden plans on running a whole host of events and live music. Keep an eye on their social media for announcements. Obviously, these are subject to change and some of the events do have a booking fee/ additional costs/higher deposit requirement. Here is a peek at what to expect: 

Credit : Secret Garden 

Would I Recommend The Secret Garden Seaton Delaval? 

So far, so good. The staff we encountered were all lovely, our takeaway lunch was fantastic, I like that there is a variety of street food vendors to choose from and from what I could see, everything inside the venue looked lovely and really well managed. 

How does the Secret Garden Seaton Delaval compare to Burn It Up North Shields? 

You can read my full review of Burn It Up here. I will update this section once we have properly visited Secret Garden but on first impressions, the Secret Garden is a lot smaller than Burn It Up and I don't think will encounter the same issues of long food/drink delays on sunny Saturdays and peak times. 

At Burn It Up, you order and pay through your app so do not leave your table where as at the Secret Garden it is a more traditional service where you order via staff and it is table service where you pay at the end (or you can purchase from street vendors in person). 

At Burn It Up, you can book to watch football matches on the big screen at no additional cost whereas at the Secret Garden, you need to buy a package if you are watching an England/premium game which to me, seems pretty expensive (£150 for a table for 6 people including 12 beers). 

Drinks prices overall do seem a fair bit cheaper at Secret Garden than Burn It Up (a bottle of wine is £10 cheaper and cocktails are £3 cheaper for example). 

Both venues are offering free live music, kids events and cinema. 

I will let you know which venue I prefer soon....... 


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