Morrisons Recipe Box Review (A cheaper alternative to Hello Fresh)

This week we ordered a Morrisons Recipe Box to try. When Steve is working his late shift, I am in charge of cooking and it is the only time we eat separately from the kids. I usually order a Gousto Box for half of the week as they provide perfectly portioned meals for two which are easy enough to prepare and usually taste lovely with minimal effort on my part. 

Morrisons Recipe Box Review (A cheaper alternative to Hello Fresh)

One of my followers recommended I try a Morrisons Recipe Box as an alternative. I knew Morrisons offered various themed boxes but had no idea they offered recipe boxes that were like Hello Fresh / Gousto. A quick google and I found them though and I was really impressed with the price. 

A one-off box was only £21 for three recipes for 2 people (cheaper if you subscribed) which is an almost £10 per week saving on Hello Fresh / Gousto. Quite a significant saving I think. You can either subscribe to receive regular boxes or order a one off with no tie-in. 

Morrisons Recipe Box - Recipe Choice & Cost

There definitely isn't a huge selection of recipes available and there is less choice with Morrisons when compared with Hello Fresh / Gousto. When I picked our meals, there were around 15 recipes to choose from including a selection of veggie options. You can easily filter the recipes by 'one pot meals', 'quick meals', 'vegetarian/vegan' etc...... and you can view the recipe card/nutritional info when you click on each recipe. 

At the moment, you seem to be able to order around 7-14 days in advance. You simply add your chosen meals to your basket, check out and then payment is taken via debit/credit card. You pick your delivery date - delivery is free and via DPD. They even deliver on Sundays for no extra charge. DPD messaged us on the morning of delivery with a one-hour time slot and the option to leave our box in a safe place if we were not going to be at home. 

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I decided to pick the following recipes.......

You can browse the recipes available and place an here:

If you would like to save a bit of cash, don't forget to join TopCashBack (referral link) and click through the 'Get Cashback Now' for Morrisons Food Boxes to receive your £7.59 cashback. 

Morrisons Recipe Box - What's In The Box? 

I ordered three meals for two people at £21 (£13.41 if you include the cashback). Our box was delivered on time and everything was in perfect condition minus our yellow pepper which looked like it had been pierced in a few places. For us, the dates were all pretty long with the first product needing to be used within 2 days (smoked salmon and spinach). 

You can also order meals for 4 people and there are some nice family-friendly recipes to choose from too. 

With Hello Fresh / Gousto I am used to lots of tiny portions of ingredients in little pots/bags with everything pre-portioned perfectly,  where as with Morrisons they just tend to give you the whole thing.

 Ingredients are not pre-portioned with Morrisons and there were some ingredient leftovers. For example with the Spaghetti dish, we had 200g Spinach, 350g of Pasta, 65g Parmesan and 15g of Dill leftover which is quite a bit. The plus side is if you like more pasta/parmesan, you can easily bulk the dish out. In our case, the ingredients would not go to waste but I imagine in some cases there may be some waste which is a drawback. 

Most ingredients in the box were Morrisons own-brand. 

In terms of packaging, there did seem to be less than Gousto / Hello Fresh and boxes are 80% recyclable. 

At first I thought they had missed all of our 'fresh' ingredients until Steve spotted they were actually inside this insulated bag with ice. I wonder how many people have missed this! 

Morrisons Recipe Box Review - What Did We Think? 

We tried the Spinach and Smoked Salmon Linguine tonight. It was very simple to make and the kind of dish we would usually cook anyway. It was lovely and super quick to prepare, you certainly don't need to be a proficient cook. 

I really found the box to be useful though and I will 100% re-order. The main benefit for me was that I didn't need to think of what to cook and then find and add all of the ingredients to our shopping list - I simply picked three meals I liked the look of and that was it. At the moment I shop online and there are often substitutions or missing items, this recipe box eliminates that risk too which is another benefit. 

Sometimes we are guilty of being stuck in a rut - for example when we cook linguine, we tend to have it with cream cheese, peas and pancetta, we wouldn't usually choose salmon, spinach and dill so it was nice to mix things up a little and try an alternative to something I would usually order. 

It was so simple to order, the meals were easy to prepare and well-balanced and I think that these boxes offer fantastic value for money. I have had a little look online and they seem to add new recipes each week so when Steve is next on late shift in three weeks time, I shall be ordering another. The convenience factor definitely wins for me and I feel like cooking these simple recipes is better for us than reaching for a ready meal on the evenings where we are short on time. 

In terms of cooking, it was easy to follow the instructions on the recipe card and the portions were big enough for Steve and I - I did add a little extra pasta from the leftovers though. 

Find out more, browse the menu and order here:

If you are interested in seeing the other dishes I prepare using our Morrisons Recipe Box, make sure you follow my Instagram Stories here. 

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Morrisons Recipe Box Review (A cheaper alternative to Hello Fresh)



  1. I have seen the Morrisons food boxes, they look like such a good idea and are a great price too. It looks a great way to try some new and different recipes out. x

  2. Great review! Really useful thanks x


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