How to Create a DIY S'mores Station

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Grazing tables are all the rage at the moment and I spotted a few versions on offer over Bonfire night which looked brilliant. I know a lot of effort goes into these and I don't begrudge their pricing but for me personally, I can't bring myself to pay circa £40 for something I could create myself (not exactly on the same scale) for a fraction of the price. 

A S'mores station is a brilliant idea for a winter's evening when you fancy doing something a little different. The kids love it, they taste great and it is a good alternative to another night in front of the TV.

Fire Pits seem to have increased in price a fair bit this year but there still are some bargains to be had. I bought ours from Wayfair in October for just £22.99. It's brill as it folds down and has a grill too (sorry - it is no longer available). If you filter this Amazon search to 'less than £15', you might strike lucky and find a bargain. There were a couple on there for around this price when I checked. 

If you don't wish to buy a fire pit / have limited outdoor space, you can use a smaller Marshmallow Toasting Kit which can be used indoors too. 

What you will need to create a S'mores Station

The basics: 
  • A chopping board or tray 
  • A fire pit / open fire / marshmallow toasting kit 
  • Skewers or toasting forks 
  • Marshmallows (check out local seller Marsh Loves Mallow if you fancy a treat)
  • Chocolate covered digestives 
If you would like to make the evening a little more magical, why not try creating rainbow fire with these magical logs. 

Add ons: 

  • Fruit - apple wedges or strawberries work well
  • Dipping sauces - I use toffee and chocolate sauce
  • Cadbury Fingers 
  • Chocolate covered pretzels 
  • Sprinkles 
  • Stroopwaffles 
Basically, just add anything to your board that you have in the house and are good for dipping. My kids love to get a bit messy and dip their S'more into dipping sauce so I would recommend one pot of dipping sauce per person. 

When you have gathered your ingredients together, set them out on a chopping board / tray as pictured and everyone can just dig in. 

It goes without saying that children should be supervised and please follow fire safety guidelines. To make a S'more, you pop a marshmallow onto a skewer/toasting fork and hold over the fire for 30 seconds - 1 minute. You will need to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't burn, turning and moving when needed. 

For me, the perfect toasted marshmallow is brown on the outside but some people prefer them to be a little less done. 

Once your marshmallow has toasted, carefully place it between two chocolate covered digestives (chocolate side facing inwards) and remove the stick or skewer. Squidge down and enjoy (or if you are my kids, dip into chocolate sauce first). 

The beauty of making your own S'mores station is that you can use your favourite ingredients. Don't like digestives? Why not try Ginger Snaps? You can add your own ingredients depending on your own preferences. 

Have you ever made your own S'mores? Let me know if you fancy giving them a go this winter. 

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How to Create a DIY S'mores Station


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  1. Ohh! What a fantastic idea! This seems like a perfect idea for the colder months. I might have to suggest it to my family x


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