20 Features All Hotel Rooms Should Have

20 Features All Hotel Rooms Should Have

I've stayed in lots of hotel rooms over the years yet I'm still to find a room which ticks every single box for me. Here's a quick run-down of the 20 features I think all hotel rooms should have.....

1 - USB Sockets By the Bed

There is nothing more frustrating than having to charge your phone halfway across the room.

2 - Complimentary Bottled Water

I was once charged £4 for opening a bottle of water in a hotel room. True story.

3 - Quiet Air Conditioning 

Hotel rooms can be stuffy and there's nothing worse. However, so many air conditioning units are super noisy. Quiet AND cool is the dream.

4 - Netflix on TV

It's 2019 and hardly anyone watches actual TV anymore. It's so frustrating when I'm staying in a hotel room right when a new episode of Suits (or equivalent) drops and I have to watch from my phone as the TV doesn't support mirroring or have the Netflix app pre-installed.

5 - Breakfast in Bed at No Additional Charge

Breakfast in bed is such a treat and I love it when I see those magic words of 'No Tray Charge'.

6 - Free High-Speed WiFi

I am so over paying for WiFi in hotel rooms. If Premier Inn can offer complimentary WiFi, anyone can.

7 - Plenty of Pillows

It's my worst nightmare when we're allocated one pillow per person. Who sleeps like this?

8 - Black Out Curtains 

A must for a decent night's sleep in a new place.

9 - 12noon Check Out 

A 10am check-out is my worst nightmare. A 12noon check out as standard is something I always look for. I'm all about those lazy mornings.

10 - Well-Stocked Coffee Machine

I love that most hotel rooms have switched to coffee machines over kettles these days but what I don't love is that they only give you one or two of each coffee type. One Americano per person just doesn't work for us! I think you should be able to pick your favourite capsules on check-in.

11 - In-room Fridge 

The disappointment of taking a bottle of Prosecco and not having an in-room fridge to keep it perfectly chilled. Ordering an ice bucket always takes forever.

12 - Power Shower with a Big Shelf 

I'm all about the shower when staying in a hotel. The more powerful the better. What I don't like is when there's just a tiny shelf that you're supposed to balance your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and razor on. It never works and always ends up falling on the floor. Who designs these things?

13 - Fancy Toiletries 

Always the first thing I look for. Extra points for Elemis miniatures.

14 - A Dressing Table with Good Lighting & Plug 

This is so rare but a dressing table, with a plug socket and a decent mirror by the window makes getting ready a whole lot easier.

15 - Sound-proofed Walls and Doors 

I hate being able to hear the conversations of our neighbours.

16 - Personalised Welcome Card 

I always think this really adds a special touch to your stay. Even if it's not the actual manager who signs the card, it's still a nice gesture.

17 - Iron & Ironing Board

I don't iron at home but if I've booked a hotel room, it's usually for a special occasion and the option to iron my dress or for Steve to iron his shirt is a welcome one.

18 - Large & Fluffy Bath Towels 

Don't you just hate those towels which are the size of a postage stamp?

19 - A Treat on Check Out 

I love a little treat on check out. Complimentary water for the car journey home, packets of Haribo, fresh cookies for the kids.....they all left a lasting impression.

20 - The Option to Sleep 5 

My biggest bugbear is when hotels force us to book two rooms (at double the cost) to accommodate us when they could easily fit enough beds for us into one room. I don't mind paying for additional beds to be put up etc.... but find it so frustrating that most hotels penalise families of 5 like this by refusing to accommodate any more than 2 children per room (when they easily could).

What would feature on your list? 

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20 Features All Hotel Rooms Should Have



  1. LOVED reading this! OMG the charge for water in some hotels is completely ridiculous and THE TRAY CHARGE - GRRRR!!!! When it's £5 - £7 ... I'd happily just walk down and get the tray myself and bring it up if it's going to cost that much. I don't think I've actually ever stayed in a hotel that doesn't have a tray charge!

  2. So glad it's not just me that thinks these things! Also, a hairdryer that actually dries hair?! Why are hotel hairdryers so poor? I'd be better running round the room for half an hour than using those things!

  3. Yes to all of these!
    I agree everywhere should have WiFi. When we went away at Christmas we got 20 minutes free a day in the rooms and then had to pay something like £7 per device for 24 hours. Ugh.

  4. I do love the little toiletries but I'm also starting to try to reduce plastics so I'm beginning to think it would be nice if they did mini soap/shampoo bars or even good quality products in the dispensers. I too have paid £4 for water from the bar when travelling solo rather than go out late to get some from a supermarket. As for towels, I'll often book a room for 2 adults rather than 1 so that there are enough big towels.

  5. It's almost like I'd written this myself. I do hope important hotel people take note and see there is a consensus that these things are definatley appreciated!


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