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A Postcard from the Tai-haku Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden

The Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden is the largest collection of 'Tai-haku' outside of Japan. Comprising of 329 trees, they all bloom together for up to two weeks around the end of April/beginning of May. We visited today (2 May) and I was absolutely blown away by their beauty. If you can, I highly recommend popping down to The Alnwick Garden in the next 5-6 days to catch a glimpse for yourself. My photographs really don't do them justice and I can't describe how beautiful they are. We visited using this 2 for 1 offer so it was only £13.10 for myself, my brother and nephew plus £3 for parking. We did explore the rest of the garden too but I'll save that for another day. For now, it's all about the Cherry Orchard......

A Postcard from the Tai-haku Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden

I expect Alnwick Garden will be busy at the weekend due to the impending heatwave but don't let that put you off - the way that the orchard is laid out means that it's pretty easy to capture photos without them being spoilt by random strangers walking through your shot.

Find out more and keep up to date with Cherry Orchard updates via The Alnwick Garden Facebook Page. 

Do you have plans to visit this week? The trees won't be in bloom for much longer! 

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 the Tai-haku Cherry Orchard at The Alnwick Garden



  1. Oh wow they really are beautiful - we've only ever strolled through that bit out of season and it's hard to imagine what it must be like when the trees are in bloom!

    Really hoping we can get ourselves organised and go next year!

  2. Gorgeous photo's Sam, it's such a shame they only blossom for such a short time. We have a few different types near our house and I'm always sad when they start shedding the petals.

    1. I LOVE seeing the blossom on our walk to school (also sad when it's gone). I was undecided about visiting Alnwick as the forecast wasn't great but I'm so pleased I made the trip. What a beautiful sight!

  3. I haven't been to Alnwick gardens for about 15 years! I really think I should go and visit with the 2 for 1 offer. Katie x

  4. This is exquisite. We arrived too late in the day to justify paying the entrance when we were in Alnwick, but I'm determined to go back, to have a proper look at the place. This really is lovely.


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