The Doctor Who Experience is closing on 9th September 2017 - Catch it now before it's too late!

If there is one TV show that us Rickelton's love above all others, it has to be Doctor Who. Steve and Harry are especially what I call hard core fans. They own at least 50 Doctor Who DVDs between them, enjoy listening to Doctor Who audiobooks and are very proud of their special collection of Doctor Who novels. Over the years we've collected various Doctor Who memorabilia and if there's a new season, I have to resort to planning our Saturdays around what time Doctor Who is showing on TV. Heaven forbid anyone should talk during a new episode premiere.

We are such big fans that back in the summer of 2013 we made the LONG trip down to Cardiff for the sole purpose of visiting The Doctor Who Experience. It seems like such a long time ago now. I blogged about it here if you fancy having a bit of a trip down memory lane.

That trip to Cardiff was four years ago and yet we all still talk about it with lots of enthusiasm and happy memories. We loved flying the tardis, being chased by Cybermen and dodging the weeping angels. The experience is very interactive and you really feel as if you could be a new cast member. There's lots of memorabilia on display and photo opportunities too with production sets, costumes and props.

The Doctor Who Experience will be ending it's 5-year tenure in Cardiff Bay on 9th September 2017 and if you have any Doctor Who fans at home, I would honestly highly recommend visiting this summer. We are staying in Swansea Bay next week and have tagged a trip to The Doctor Who Experience onto our stay as we really would love to see it one last time before it ends. There aren't many attractions I would travel so far to see twice - it really is worth it.

During our last visit in 2013, Matt Smith was 'the Doctor' and the main set was based around him. There have been a few changes since then and there's a whole new adventure with Peter Capaldi to explore. Check out this teaser below:

What to expect from The Doctor Who Experience this summer

  • An interactive adventure featuring a digital version of the twelfth doctor 
  • Free time in the Exhibition Hall which is home to the world's largest collection of props, sets and costumes
  • The official Doctor Who shop 
Special events this summer: 
  • During the summer holidays, visitors can also join a special series of walking tours around Cardiff Bay featuring sites from series 10 and memorable sites from previous series
  • Series 10 props, costume and sets have just been added to the experience this month 
  • On 22nd July the museum will host it's last Monster event. This one will be based around Cybermen and will include the chance to be transformed into a Cyberman, Q and A sessions and live Cybermen walking around the experience
  • 5th August will see the biggest Doctor Who cosplay day. Everyone is invited to attend dressed as their favourite doctor, villain or cast member

Under 5's go free to the Doctor Who Experience and if booked in advance, adult tickets are just £14 and children's tickets at £9.75. This is a steal compared to other similar attractions.

The Doctor Who Experience will close it's Tardis doors for the last time on 9th September. If you'd like to visit, I advise booking tickets sooner rather than later. 



  1. I've never watched doctor who but it sounds like fun! the kiddies are so teeny in these photos-cute!

  2. Aw my neice and nephew would LOVE this, they are huge fans! Shame it's so far, would be amazing if it went on tour and came to the North East!

    1. I have secret hopes that it will. There was something very similar at Life Science Centre many moons ago x


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