Prepare for a summer on the road with Puncture Safe NE

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Our family car is a 7 seater Vauxhall Zafira. It's not glam at all but it's perfect for long road trips or camping holidays (and we all know how much I love a road trip). I love that we can separate the kids so Heidi sits in the very back and they don't have to touch each other which seems to reduce the amount of arguments. For longer trips and camping holidays, we tend to put the back seats down and the boot space is huge and we can just about fit all of our camping gear in there.

Prepare for a summer on the road and prevent punctures with Puncture Safe NE

We have a couple of road trips planned this summer and the first one's a big one. We're heading to the Gower Peninsula in South Wales in a few weeks. The area is a designated area of outstanding beauty and we can't wait to spend some time relaxing and exploring. Gower is a mammoth 7 hour drive from our home in Northumberland and the journey is around 370 miles each way so it's definitely going to be a long drive and I really wanted to make sure our car was up to the journey.

After spectacularly breaking down on the way to the Fenwick's Christmas Window launch last November, we already have fantastic breakdown cover from the AA but when I heard about Puncture Safe NE, I decided to take even more or a pro-active approach and asked technician Iain Gardner to work his magic and help us avoid any punctures on the road this summer.

Puncture Safe NE - What is it and why do I need it? 

Puncture Safe is a revolutionary new product. It's a puncture prevention treatment that is applied to your tyres before the puncture occurs and will then seal punctures as they happen and allow you to continue with your journey. This means no more having to change a wheel by the road side or waiting for the AA man to turn up when your tyre goes flat.

'Puncture Safe costs just £40 per car for up to 4 tyres and is permanent for the life of the tyre'

Puncture Safe is applied to your car at your home or workplace (or pretty much anywhere in the North East) and takes less than 30 minutes. You don't need to hand your keys over, supply electricity or remove your car wheels - Puncture Safe is installed through the tyre air valve. It's quick and easy and Iain has everything he needs to complete the job. 

Prepare for a summer on the road and prevent punctures with Puncture Safe NE

Once installed, Puncture Safe seals punctures and conditions the inner casing and stops leaks caused by tiny leaks and cracks. This constantly maintains the tyre's correct air pressure and virtually stops any need to top up your air. Should you ever need to remove Puncture Safe, it's quick and easy to do. 

'The main benefit for us is never having to worry about punctures again'

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a puncture and your car has been fitted with Puncture Safe, the puncture will immediately seal and the seal will be permanent for the life of the tyre. Iain informed us that you could receive up to 100 punctures and your tyre will still not go flat (obviously, you will need to change your tyres due to general wear and tear and check their tread depth regularly).

What happens during an appointment? 

First of all, get in touch with Iain Gardner who supplies Puncture Safe across the whole of the North East:
Iain will then arrange a time and date to visit and apply Puncture Safe to your vehicle. Iain offers a fully mobile service and can travel across the North East to your home or work place. Puncture Safe can be applied to cars, 4x4's, caravans, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles. Visit the Puncture Safe website here for pricing.

Prepare for a summer on the road and prevent punctures with Puncture Safe NE

Iain brings all of his equipment with him - you don't need to supply anything and he will apply Puncture Safe via the tyre air valves. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes and you can drive straight away afterwards. For the first few miles after application, you may notice your car sort of shakes a little (it's hard to describe the sensation) as Tyre Safe is distributed throughout the tyre but this soon settles down. Payment is usually in cash on completion but other forms of payment can be agreed prior to your appointment if needed. 

So....I have to say. For £40, I think this service is an absolute steal and it has really offered me peace of mind and suffering from a puncture is one less thing to worry about this summer. 

Find out more about Puncture Safe below: 

I honestly can't recommend Puncture Safe enough. It's such an affordable and convenient service and Iain is super friendly and will happily answer any questions. 



  1. Wow, that's genius! Great value for money too.

  2. What a fab idea! Great little earner for them and utter peace of mind for us before we travel! x


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