5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession

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Star Wars has been a bit of a slow-burner for me. I remember my dad watching it when I was a child but I never really got into it. Then as part of my GCSE Media Studies course, I had to analyse the opening scenes from 'The Empire Strikes Back' which I found completely boring and just wasn't enthused at all. It took me becoming a parent to finally get enthusiastic about Star Wars and I can definitely say that our family are now all huge Star Wars fans. We LOVED Rogue One last year and it was the film we decided to watch at the cinema together as our Christmas treat.

5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession

Star Wars is a franchise that the whole family can enjoy and I think that's why I love it so much. I am sorry to be this person, but I used to perceive Star Wars as being just 'for boys' but with the new films now featuring more female action heroes and role models than ever before,  the films sit well with me and Heidi definitely loves Star Wars just as much as her brothers. 

If your family loves Star Wars just as much as we do, today I am sharing my top 5 ways you can feed your family's obsession. These are just little experiences or ways to enjoy some special Star Wars time together. Let me know if you've tried any:

1 - Visit the Star Wars exhibition at Madame Tussauds London

If your family loves Star Wars, I think the Star Wars exhibition at Madame Tussauds is un-missable. There are so many fun photo opportunities from meeting Yoda to joining in with a light saber battle and even flying the Millennium Falcon with Chewy. Check out our full review of Madame Tussauds London and more photographs here

5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession - Darth Vader at Madame Tussayds London

2 - Collect Hallmark Star Wars Itty Bitty toys

There are 15 Star Wars themed Itty Bitty toys to collect in total and priced from just £5.99 each they make a perfect pocket money toy or reward/treat for kids to collect throughout the year. We are the proud owners of the full set of Star Wars Itty Bitty toys and the kids will play for hours creating their own stories and shooting mini Star Wars movies with their toys. It's hard to pick a favourite but I do have a soft spot for Chewbacca. 

5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession - Hallmark Star Wars Itty Bitty Toys - the full collection

3 - Dress up for no reason

Our dressing up box is brimming with Star Wars outfits and we like to make the most of it by just dressing up for no reason - bowling, a trip to the cinema, a meal out - nowhere is off limits for my mini Yoda, Darth Vader and Princess Leia. The kids love it and we always get a good reaction from others. 

5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession - bowling in a Princess Leia costume

4 - Visit the Star Wars basement in Hamley's London

Did you know that the Basement in Hamley's London is almost entirely dedicated to Star Wars? As you climb down the steps, the scene is set and you feel as if you are travelling to another planet. It's free to visit and definitely worth it if you're a Star Wars fan and in the area. There are lots of Star Wars toys to play with, LEGO figures to pose with and you can even step inside a giant Star Wars box and pose for a photograph pretending to be the next Star Wars figure for sale. Take a peek at our 10 second Instagram story video as we travel into the Star Wars zone.......

5 - Send Star Wars Greetings Cards

I don't know about you, but sometimes I can spend what feels like hours in a card shop trying to find a perfect card for someone special. I do like to make an effort but my time is precious so now I have a 'card box' at home which is filled with various cards that I like for different occasions. Of course, as we are Star Wars obsessed, a few Star Wars themed cards from Hallmark make an appearance. I LOVE this 'Dress to Distress' card and already have a perfect recipient in mind later this year. 

5 ways to feed your family's Star Wars obsession - bowling in a Princess Leia costume - Dress to Distress - funny Princess Leia card

What do you think? Do your family love Star Wars too? I'd love to hear how you indulge your obsession too. 



  1. Can I confess I've never seen a Star Wars film before! Been on the ride at Disney though!

    1. OMG Cat you need to change this, I especially love the new ones. Have you heard about the new Star Wars hotel at Disney? That may just tempt me there!


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