10 things that happen when on holiday with kids

We've just returned from a lovely week in Spain with our children (lots of holiday spam coming your way) and our break reminded me of a few things that are GUARANTEED to happen when you holiday with kids:-

1 - Someone announces they have wee'd in the pool

Fingers crossed it's not your child!

2 - You spend the whole holiday asking your child to put their hat back on

.....is there any way to super glue it to their heads??

3 - Someone drops an ice cream on the floor


4 - Staff will make a fuss of your children

.....and your kids will probably hate it

5 - Siestas actually happen

My children are all of school age and never take a nap.....unless we are on holiday. Late nights, early mornings and days packed with activities mean that everyone gets to chill out in the afternoon. 

6 - Arguments over pool toys

Whose turn is it to play with the beach ball? Can I lie on the lilo now? Why is that boy trying to play with my water gun?? The poolside arguments are endless. 

7 - You agonise over whether to leave the kids in kids club

Your hotel provides free childcare and you know you'd be a fool not to accept....but then the worry and guilt hit you and you decide not to....until you reach argument no784 and decide you're sure they'll be fine.....but then you spend the whole time they are there worrying if they're ok, check on them multiple times & can't relax anyway. Argghhhh! 

8 - They eat the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Holidays are the only time you let your kids eat pancakes for breakfast, chips and ice cream for lunch and pasta for dinner......every single day. 

9 - Nappy changes/toilet breaks will take 30 minutes

Trying to strip down a child wearing a wet suit so they can use the loo or changing a swim nappy certainly isn't the easiest of tasks. 

10 - You are dragged to the dance floor to join in with party dances

Despite your protests you can't deny your child's puppy dog eyes and will be dragged to the dance floor to join in with the Music Man during Mini Disco

Do you agree? Have any of these things happened on your family holidays? 

Do you agree with my list? 



  1. Looking forward to my holiday now ;)

  2. Of course! Every single one! I love the dancing though, who doesn't love resurrecting Agadoo from the dance vaults ;)

  3. hehehe! This made me chuckle. I hope you had a great holiday x

  4. I do love a holiday nap. That's the best bit, I find all the rest a bit stressful if I'm honest so I thinkI'm going to staycation for a few years x

  5. Yes so many of these! Especially the kids club one!


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