Taking your kids out of school to go on holiday - does it harm their education?

The Government published this research in 2015 which states that taking 'short breaks damage your child's education' This could be the case in some cases but I'm pretty sure it's not in all cases and the Government failed to look at the broader picture. They state that:-

These statistics INFURIATE me.

First of all, who says that it's short breaks that do this 'damage'? They don't take into account why the children are absent - it could be illness, it could be bereavement, it could be to attend a family wedding, it could be to travel, it could be a chaotic home......who knows?

Secondly, I was taken out of school in the run up to my Year 6 SATs AND for a whole 17 days in the run up to my GCSEs. Guess what - I still achieved 10 x Grade A's and 4 x Grade A*. It CLEARLY didn't do me any harm and I am living proof that this 'research' doesn't apply to everyone. I took work with me and was sensible enough to catch up. Statistics really don't show the full picture - if your children are supported I firmly agree they won't lose out.

Travel IS one of the biggest educational tools out there. Do you think a child is more likely to remember reading about the Pyramids in a classroom or actually walking amongst them and seeing them with their own eyes? It's really not rocket science.

We are travelling to Spain later this month and my three children will be exposed to sites and learn through experience. They will travel through the channel tunnel and plot our route through France and Spain on their maps, they will see the Eiffel Tower for the first time, they will soak up Spanish culture and cuisine and mix with people of all nationalities in a way they just don't get to experience at home. Sitting in a classroom just doesn't come close to actually experiencing life first hand.

My children are often praised by their teachers for their knowledge, their extensive vocabulary and creativity. Most of this is due to how much we have travelled with our children (at home and abroad) and because of how much we've talked to our children and created conversations about what we are experiencing.

Yes, I know we could take them on holiday out of term time however a lot of people will be in the same boat as me and just can't afford it, especially when you are a larger family. Our family holiday would have been 3.5 times more expensive if we'd travelled in the school holidays.

I could also just not go on holiday but to me travel is a priority and it's a compromise I'm not willing to make.

I'm not saying we should take our children out of school for a fortnight during their GCSE's but what I am saying is that we should have a broader and more holistic approach to travel and education.

For me, I am happy taking my children out of school every 2-3 years for around 5 days to enjoy our family holiday until they are in year 8 (then it will be UK camping in the school holidays for a few years). I know in my heart of hearts that their education will not be affected by this and they will actually benefit from seeing some of the world. If I have the opportunity to show them life beyond Northumberland and the UK - I'm going to take it.

Finally I would like to end by saying that I am my children's parent. I know what's best for them and should be able to decide this. I DO NOT subscribe to the idea of living in some sort of nanny state where the Government dictate to us when we can take our own children on holiday.

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Taking your kids out of school to go on holiday - does it harm their education?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 



  1. Great post it's so true. They will learn so much more from a holiday and all the places you visit, then they will sat behind a desk filling out a worksheet. If holidays weren't so expensive during school holidays many families wouldn't even have to consider doing this. But at the end of the day if I had a choice to either have a holiday we can afford during term time, or miss out, well I know what I would choose!! Xxx

  2. Totally agree Sam, it's ridiculous. And I'll add that homeschoolers can travel whenever with no penalties so why should the school/govt get to charge!

  3. I completely agree - there are so many stats bandied around, often with no attribution so you can't even see how they arrived at it. And comparing the top and bottom levels of absence is daft - are the ones missing 20% of school really on endless family holidays? And there are no other reasons why their schooling is affected. Pfft. Have a fantastic time in Spain!

  4. I think if your children are experiencing the world they are learning, my kids read on holiday and we write lists and journals and look at local history and culture, would they've learned about aeroplanes and diving and air traffic control and boats and immigration and new languages at home? Maybe but not as quickly as they did by living it.

    1. Yep! Nothing beats living and breathing something to make it sink in x

  5. Completely agree! Imogen came out for 2 weeks last summer to go to Florida-holiday if a lifetime. This year we have booked Majorca in holidays but would take her out again if we had the money to go back to Florida-cat X

  6. I think there are probably a lot of other reasons for absences attributed to poor achieving pupils than family holidays. Statistics like these really don't show the whole picture. My kids aren't in school at the moment so we're yet to be affected but I think the rules will have been firmed up by then...not in our favour :(


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