The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review

When I was invited down to Lane 7 to test out their new racing rig with a few friends, I immediately said a big fat yes. We are huge fans of Lane 7 (thanks to fantastic nights at the NEblogger Awards, dining during restaurant week and Harry's birthday bowling) and couldn't wait to check out their new addition. 

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review

You can find Lane 7 next to the Grosvenor Casino near Life Science Centre and the Discovery museum. There are plenty of places to park nearby (we usually park in Times Square) and if racing isn't your thing, there is A LOT going on from boutique bowling and photo booths to pool, ping pong and karaoke. Rumour has it that the golf course may even make a re-appearance in the basement this summer so keep your eyes peeled. 

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review
The Cuban Press

A trip to Lane 7 has to include food. Their menu includes lots of treats such as popcorn squid, chilli dogs and pulled pork. Not the best place to visit if you are watching your weight perhaps (although I did spy a SuperFood Salad on there) but very nice as an indulgent treat and the perfect type of food to line your stomach before a few beers.

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review
Pulled Pork Bun

Once we'd had our fill it was time to head upstairs for the fun to begin. You don't need to book the Racing Rig so just turn up or maybe add it onto a game of bowling. It is £3 a pop or £10 for 4 shots which I think is very reasonable.

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review
Check out Katie Jane Online's license

First up, you get to design your own license on the super computers and it is printed while you wait. When your license is ready you can take your seat at the rig and it's time to eye up your opponents.......

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review

Up to 10 people can play together so it is perfect for groups of mates or a team night out. It's all very slick and your license is scanned for you to enter the race. 

The Racing Rig - Lane 7 Newcastle | A Review
On your marks.......
Your race is 20 laps and ends when the first person crosses the line. You are given a quick overview and instructions by the roadside commentator and then you're off! Basically, steer your wheel to turn your car, press one pedal to go forward and the other to reverse. As I am typing this is all sounds so easy!

The live commentary really adds to your race as you can't take your eyes off your car to see how you are doing so it's nice to hear it in the background (even if you aren't doing so well).

Take a look at my short video from the night (it includes some tips from our winner):-

Well it turns out I wasn't so great at racing and I ended up 10 laps behind! OMG! I even completed one of the laps driving backwards! HAHA! Thankfully I am a lot better at driving in real life (although Steve may disagree!). I honestly think this is all part of the fun though and we had a good laugh which is what's important right?

Please note: The Racing Rig is not suitable for young children as they may not be able to reach the pedals. I would give Lane 7 a call before heading down to check that it's suitable for your child - 0191 261 6161. As a guide I would say it is suitable for ages 7/8+ and PERFECT for teenagers. It is also worth noting that due to licensing laws, children need to be off premises before 7pm.

Before I go, you should check out this fab summer deal from Lane 7 (although the racing rig isn't included but at an additional £3 I think this is a VERY good value night out for under £30 a head):-



  1. You did so much better than me! I was terrible!!!

  2. I still have to go here. It looks like a fun addition to a night out


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