Pikku - The hairdressers in Newcastle for children and tweens

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Pikku on Gosforth high street, Newcastle. Heidi and her friends still chat about their Pikku pamper party earlier this year and the downstairs children's boutique is absolutely stunning and I may or may not have spent many hours browsing their beautiful baby items in preparation for my nephew being born in a few weeks time.

Harry is at that awful stage (he is 8 going on 14) where he doesn't want his hair cut - he wants to keep it long as this is 'cool' and whenever we have suggested taking him to the barbers he has actually started to cry! I always thought you may encounter problems with small children having their hair cut, not the other way around! So when Pikku invited Harry to try out their new 'tween' zone I jumped at the chance. I was full of confidence that the Pikku staff would look after him (and his attitude) and make him feel at home.

Boys Tween Zone

Pikku has had a mini makeover upstairs in their children's hair salon since our last visit and the salon now features a very cool area for boys (or girls if they choose) to enjoy. There are funky bold colours, a Nintendo DS with lots of games to choose from, mini lego figures and finger skates for children (and maybe a few dads) to enjoy. 

Would you just look at the concentration on Harry's face! It is no word of a lie when I say he was silently engrossed in playing Doctor Who whilst Laura worked her magic on his hair. There were no other appointments during our visit so he was allowed to play on it whilst Heidi and Jack had their hair cut too which was perfect for us - I think it's the quietest Friday night we've had in a long time!

I was over the moon with Harry's haircut (as was Harry). It still had a lot of the length that Harry wanted but looked a lot trendier and 'styled' than before. Laura finished his style with some wax too. Those who know Harry will see he doesn't look too happy in this photo and I can guarantee that is only because he had to look away from the DS for 30 seconds so I could take a photo! Haha!

Cut and styling for over 5's costs £14.50 which for the service provided and how happy the experience is for everyone, is very good value for money.

Pikku Pamper Zone

Heidi was very excited when I told her that Pikku now had it's own pamper area designed to make little ones feel like a Princess. The whole hair cutting experience is designed to be as immersive as possible, starting with children being asked to wear their own special salon tunic which Heidi is happily modelling below.

All stations are provided with their own iPad and children are helped to choose their own favourite tv show to watch as they settle into their chair (Heidi opted for My Little Pony). The 'pamper zone' is sectioned off with it's own curtain and really is lovely. Heidi had no problem at all having her hair trimmed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Again, we were super pleased with Heidi's haircut (and plaiting) and would not trust anywhere else with our daughter's hair. Heidi was really happy with her crown which finished off her style perfectly - definitely fit for a Princess!

Heidi can't visit Pikku without eyeing up the nail polishes and was excited to hear that there was a new range in store that 'glows in the dark' - perfect for a weekend treat.

A hair cut and styling is available for over 5's for £14.50, hair styling is available from £10 (pinned/curled/crimped/straightened) and hair can be plaited (else, fishtail, french or heart) for only £5. Nail polish is available on request.

Pikku Tots - Haircuts for the Under 5's 

Of course we couldn't leave Jack out and as soon as we climbed upstairs he climbed into the yellow Pikku car, put on his seatbelt and watched endless episodes of Peppa Pig on his car's very own iPad - we didn't hear a peep out of him after that.

I have to say Jack looks absolutely adorable with his new haircut and I think you'll agree.

A cut and style for 1-5 year olds is £12.50 (under 1's baby hair 'tidy up is charged at £7.50).

What makes Pikku worth it?

Yes it is more slightly more expensive taking your children to Pikku rather than their local barber however in my eyes, it is completely worth the extra few pounds. Our children had an AMAZING experience and it is like they had a fun night out rather than a normal trip to the hairdressers. Laura and Trish are absolutely amazing with children and nothing phases them at all - they have seen all sorts of behaviour and are pro's at dealing with scared/nervous children. Children's haircuts include access to iPads/DS's, a box of toys in the salon and 'magic bubble' fun and a balloon. Pikku really do go the extra mile.

Heidi had to do mammy's hair too

This is the third time I have visited Pikku now and I have loved watching the salon grow. I think it's wonderful how the girls really listen to what their customers want and adapt accordingly. Pikku really is the best children's salon in the area - Harry, Heidi and Jack can't wait to visit again soon.

Pikku is a children's hairdressers, clothes boutique and party venue on Gosforth high street. Visit their website for more information:-  www.pikku.co.uk



  1. Love Jack's hair, he looks so cute and Harry's is awesome .. he looks so grownup!!!

  2. The children's hair is fab. Harry look's like a smart young chap with his hair like that. What about 20 something people? Can they go there too? It looks amazing!

    Katie x


    1. LOL I think they often get requests for adults too but as of now I think they are just for little ones xx


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