11 things you didn't know about me - The travel edition!

Thanks to the lovely Mummy Travels for tagging me in this new blogging meme (you can read their answers here). I'm going to jump straight in and answer my 11 questions:-

1. What’s your most unexpected holiday essential?

Hmmm this is a bit of a tricky one - probably baby wipes. Despite no longer having a baby for a few years, I still buy wipes to take on holiday. Absolutely essential for cleaning sticky hands and ice cream from faces!
2. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be (and why)?

Well as I type it is pouring down with rain so a trip to a deserted, sandy beach anywhere in the world would be perfect!

Deserted Northumberland beach

3. If you had the cash, would you splurge on flying business class or save for the destination?
If it was just myself and Steve I would definitely splurge on business class - I always try and upgrade when it's just us two as it's lovely to arrive in style. I think once you're in your destination you can still have an amazing and memorable trip and a shoestring budget. However if I was taking the kids there is no way I would splurge on business class - they wouldn't appreciate it and cost us a fortune once in destination so we would need to save all the spare money we could for our destination.

4. Top destination on your bucket list?

The more I read about Iceland the more I really want to go! My favourite episode of Travel Man was definitely 48 hours in Iceland. I would love to to relax in a natural hot spring!

5. Favourite holiday destination so far?

Mexico is just amazing - the people are so friendly, the hotels are luxurious and the beaches and wildlife are stunning!

Gorgeous Mexican beach

6. Tent or villa?

Definitely tent (although the glamping variety). We've already been glamping 3-4 times this year. I just don't think you can beat that 'back to nature' experience you get with camping.

Glamping at Acorn Glade

7. Favourite holiday reading?

I only ever read on child free holidays as I with three kids to keep an eye on I don't really have the time now. I do like to take some glossy magazines and maybe a guide book too.

8. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

I guess it was probably when I was young and getting VERY drunk on 18-30's holidays. I am much more sensible now!

An 18 year old me

9. In a mobile blackspot, what would you most miss doing on your phone?

I would start to feel tetchy that I couldn't check my emails but would probably miss sharing my photos on instagram the most. 

10. What superpower would you choose?

I am a little bit of a nosey parker so would love to be able to turn invisible and see what goes on behind closed doors!

11. Best thing to come out of your blog (so far)?

I have been lucky enough to enjoy some fabulous press trips across the UK and beyond and have some lovely trips planned in the Summer. However the best thing to come out of my blog certainly isn't the 'free' holidays but the amazing friendships I have made both in real life and via the internet.

My blogging besties

Thanks again for the questions Mummy Travels. I tag Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mummy, New Girl in Toon, While I'm Young and Skinny and Newcastle Family Life. I hope you can all join in and answer these 11 questions:-

1 - Can you share your favourite childhood holiday memory
2 - Where is the most memorable place you have stayed?
3 - If you had to choose would you go for a Beach, City-break or Countryside holiday?
4 - List three places on your bucket list
5 - Anywhere you've been and would't return?
6 - What are your holiday plans for this year?
7 - Two week holiday or lots of little trips?
8 - What was the last travel souvenir you bought?
9 - What sort of packer are you? (Last minute? List writer? Light packer? Packed months in advance?.....)
10 - Where was your first holiday as a grown up (or teenager) without your parents? 
11- Where did you/would you love to go on honeymoon?

Please tag me on twitter (@nefamilyfun) when you post so I don 't miss your post.

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