Blackpool Tower and Circus - A review

We couldn't go to Blackpool without visiting their most famous attraction could we? Tickets to the Blackpool Tower eye and circus cost £20 per child and £16 per child if pre-booked online or we found it better value to use a Blackpool Resort Pass (£55 for 6 fab attractions) and add a circus ticket for £10 per adult or £8 per child - bargain! 

4D Cinema Experience

Your trip to the top of the tower starts with an interactive 4D cinema experience which is a feast for all of your senses. Suitable for all ages, you will fly across the Irish Sea, watch the tower being built and experience the glitz and glamour of the ballroom through the years. The show lasts about 5 minutes and I must say I left feeling very nostalgic about it all and it really builds up the anticipation of your visit to the top of the tower.

Spectacular Views

Taking a trip 380 ft high to the top of the tower in the lift is almost an experience in itself. I managed to catch a sneaky video as we travelled up. 

I think you'll agree, the views are absolutely stunning - you can see for miles and miles - even as far as Liverpool and the Isle of Man on a clear day. The whole experience is not rushed at all and you can take as much time as you like - you simply catch the lift back down to the ground when you are ready to.

Taking your children to the top of the tower

Taking your children to the top of the tower can be daunting - my three have never been so high up and I didn't know how they'd react. I know it's completely safe but there is still always that nagging thought in the back of your mind too. I really did not need to worry though as there were super high walls around the tower and we were completely enclosed on the first level - I loved that the first viewing level had been designed with children in mind and actually had child-height viewing windows as this video below shows.

We just had to step out onto the 5cm thick glass viewing platform too - it actually wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and all five of us had a go.

You do have the option to climb another couple of levels even higher up which we did do - the staircases are steep and narrow though and it is a one way system so if your children are nervous this part of the experience may not be the best idea. Going a little higher doesn't add too much more to the experience and it is hard to take any decent photos once you are away from the main viewing level as there are lots of safety nets blocking the view and you can just peer through little gaps in the railings.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

After spending about 30 minutes on top of the tower I was keen to find somewhere for a drink - we headed to the ballroom where the helpful gent on the door informed us there was a full bar. It was an additional £2.95 per adult to spectate (children were free) which wasn't too expensive. Unfortunately though we couldn't just 'pay on the door' and were asked to head back down to the entrance and join the ticket queue to buy a ticket and then head back up. This seemed like a lot of hassle just to buy a cup of coffee so we ended up just leaving and going somewhere else instead. I'm not always the most observant when out with three kids so I think it would be helpful if the additional cost to enter the ballroom is advised when you buy your initial tickets from the ticket office.

Blackpool Tower Circus

The Blackpool Tower Circus is located at the bottom of the tower. Tickets can be purchased separately or as part of various ticket deals. Ours were a bolt on to our resort pass and a bargain at £10 per adult and £8 per child. Seating is unreserved - we got there for about 15 minutes before the show started and managed to get a group of 5 seats together without a problem.

Photography is not permitted during the show which is a good thing for you as I wouldn't want to spoil anything. The show lasts 2 hours and features lots of laughs, truly death defying stunts, amazing tight-rope routines and a spectacular grand finale. Again, the circus was an attraction that our whole family from aged 4 to adult enjoyed. I liked how kids could join the stars in the arena to 'spin plates' in the interval, have their face painted (additional cost) and collect their favourite autographs. I must admit, I had to watch some of the show through my hands - it is definite edge of your seat stuff and a fantastic way to spend a family night out in Blackpool.

We are so pleased we climbed the top of the tower and visited the circus. It provided a full afternoon and night of entertainment for us. Next time we visit Blackpool we will definitely catch the circus again.

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  1. It took me about 10 minutes to stand on that glass platform when we went! It's just so freaky!!

  2. Last time when I went there, they closed the ballroom and circus for the strictly come dancing. That look brilliant and I should visit them again!

  3. The glass platform looks scary, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to step on it. In so glad you wrote about it as it was on my list of things to do/see.

  4. I feel all wobbly after looking at your tower pictures lol. I am such a wuss but my 2 just went straight on the glass when we last visited. I agree that the circus is a great show and its a shame about the ballroom. Its a lovely place to grab a coffee and chill out for a little while #Mondayescapes

  5. This looks so awesome! I would like to get up there. I do not know about the part with the glass floor. I would be a little bit scared but I think I will survive.

    1. LOL - it isn't as scary as you would think. When we visited it didn't wobble or anything xx

  6. I've got vertigo looking at that picture!

  7. I've visited Blackpool almost 10 years ago. We went to the amusement park, but I don't rememebr if I went to nay of the rides! Still I didn't get to explore the city and the seaside, so it's nice to see throufh your photos aspects of Blackpool that I didn't get to see back then!

  8. Oooh I love standing on a glass platform and looking down - it's scary and exhilirating at the same time! I haven't been to Blackpool in years, and didn't realise there was actually so much to do in and around the Tower. Good to know for when I do eventually make it back there! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  9. Wow what an amazing adventure! I always wanted to go here and experience the place. One day I hope. Thanks for sharing yours. #MondayEscapes

  10. That look's like a great attraction, I hate heights and I know there is no-way I would be able to stand on the glass floor as I could not do it when I went to the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. The circus sounds amazing xx

  11. We love views from up high, so that would definitely be for us, but I know Robert would really love the circus. That's something we don't really do and it sounds utterly fab. #MondayEscapes

  12. We went to Blackpool for the first time last summer but didn't do the tower - I may just have to take a visit back #TravelTales

  13. We've never been to Blackpool but we don't live too far. This is a really helpful post for first time visitors. It's good to know what each thing costs before you go as it's easy to spend money on things that you didn't really plan to do. #TravelTales

  14. I love that more places are doing glass viewing floors! My kids are fearless and loved jumping on the one at the Eiffel Tower. We are hoping to visit Blackpool soon and now I know exactly where we will visit!

  15. I get vertigo over the weirdest things - I can look over a wall just fine (Empire State Building), but stuff like glass floors really wig me out, hehe.

    Such a shame you didn't get to see the Ballroom, does seem a bit silly not to make it obvious that it's an extra charge that can only be paid for at the bottom, boo!


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