The benefits of solo travel

Everyone who knows me will tell you that every single penny of our spare income will be spent on holidays/day trips and short breaks with my family. I think that this will always be the way and cannot imagine a time when I didn't want to explore the world. I do regret not travelling more when I was younger and will happily dream of the time we are in our 50's and Steve can take a sabbatical from work and we can finally realise our dream and properly travel the world for a few months straight. This dream however is still a fair few years out of reach for me and I still have lots of travel plans to enjoy before then.

As a travel writer, I often have to travel by myself to events and to review places. This is something that a few years ago would have pushed me way out of my comfort zone and actually terrified me but I think now that I'm older and more comfortable in my own skin, single travel certainly has it's benefits and it is actually something I look forward to now rather than dread.

The benefits of solo travel

*You travel to your own itinerary - there is no compromise
*It is far easier to meet new, like minded people and make new friends
*You can enjoy some much needed peace and quiet and relaxation time
*There is no one to argue with
*You can actually read a whole book without worrying about seeming rude/offending people
*You don't have to think of things to talk about
*You have time to enjoy your own passions, whether this is booking into a pilates class, spending time writing or indulging in a full day of shopping. Travelling by yourself provides the perfect opportunity to be selfish
*You can make all of the decisions - there is no deliberation over which restaurant to book or where to stop for coffee - it's all up to you!
*Most phones now have front-facing cameras meaning that taking photos by yourself is no longer a problem
*It is always so much cheaper when you just have yourself to pay for

These are just a few of the benefits I have enjoyed over the past year when I've travelled in my own company - there are of course many more.

Solo travel is probably something I am going to enjoy for the rest of my life. There are even companies such as Saga Travel who specialise in Singles Holidays (they were voted best large singles holiday company at the British Travel Awards 2014 so certainly worth checking out) and can take care of everything for you to provide extra peace of mind.

Have you ever travelled alone? I would love to hear about your experiences and the benefits it has provided. Feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment or tweeting @nefamilyfun



  1. I quite like travelling by myself, really enjoyed Inverness on my own last year, I just find there's less to stress about if you have no one else to worry about!

  2. I used to travel alone a lot for work, mainly to Geneva. At first I hated dining alone (I felt so awkward!) and panicked about having to work out where things were and how to get places... but after a few trips I realised I quite enjoyed my own company and no longer had to hide behind a book at dinner! :) x

    1. Yeah to dining without a book! I was always nervous about doing things like having lunch/going to the cinema by myself but it's second nature to me now

  3. I love a bit of solo travel! It's like the gift of time! #nebloggers

  4. I love traveling on my own, I'm always running late so when I'm on my own there is no one nagging at me haha. I like the idea of travelling the world too. Maybe when I'm in my 50s I'll be able to take a sabbatical from work too.

    Katie x

  5. Im really looking forward to travelling to London next week on my own , i know its only a few hours away but it will be lovely to have that three hours on the train on my own and a bed to myself and a day off mummy duties xx

  6. I started travelling on my own because of work, but then I realised that it's not such a big deal as long as you're sensible. I've been lucky enough to travel to all 5 continents on my own and have had some amazing adventures which I would never have had if I was having to compromise for anybody else.

    It was travelling on my own that started me blogging originally as I used to write up a diary when I was having dinner (makes a change from a book :-D).

  7. I love travelling by myself - I've done it a lot, first through necessity living alone in Germany, then for work, and now with my daughter (so not quite solo, but not quite the same as with another adult). In fact, with one of my other hats on, I edit a website all about solo and single travel called which has a collection of companies specialising in holidays for anyone travelling alone, all types, ages, budgets plus tips and hopefully some inspiration. Hope it's OK to link here!


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