Five ways to be a tourist in your home city

How many of us are guilty for walking or driving past the same attractions week after week and always saying we will visit one day but just never get around to it? I know I am certainly guilty of this and every time we drive past the Angel of the North or Penshaw monument I vow to visit soon......but that day has yet to come. This year I vow to be different and we are going to spend a few weekends being a tourist in our own city following these simple steps:-

1 - Check out the top ten attractions for your city on tripadvisor 

If you haven't paid any of them a visit - change this! When I searched for Newcastle's top-rated attractions  I realised we hadn't been to the Victoria Tunnel (number one attraction!), Boulevard show (although this is just for grown ups) and Escape games. These are all highly rated attractions on our doorstep so we will definitely be checking them out at some point this year.

2 - Visit your local Castle

During our visit to Newcastle Castle this Easter we discovered so much about the history of our city. When we are visiting another part of the UK, a Castle visit is always high on our list of priorities so it is crazy not to visit the Castle's that are on your doorstep.

3 - Jump on an open top bus tour or book onto a walking tour

During a girls holiday to Barcelona we bought a 48 hour ticket to the open top buses that regularly tour the city. This was a fabulous way to sight-see, learn about the history and some fun facts, get a feel for the city and also travel from A-B. I have noticed these buses in Newcastle over Summer and always fancied a trip. This year I will do this!

4 - Visit a local food market for dinner

When on holiday I always search out local food market and try to do the majority of my shopping there. It feels so much more authentic buying from a local trader and it is nice to support the economy of the place you are visiting. I do try and buy food from local markets when I can but this really isn't as often as I should. If you are stuck with inspiration of what to cook for dinner, I would highly recommend popping to your local market and asking for their speciality. Shop like a tourist!

5 - Visit a museum or art gallery

Most city centre's have at least one museum or gallery - regardless of it's theme or exhibits, why not give it a go? You might be surprised. We didn't visit the Laing Art gallery in Newcastle until last month and ended up loving it and there is still one museum in the city-centre we have yet to visit. This is going to be a priority this year!

Thousands of people from around the world probably flock to your home town or city to see the attractions right on your doorstep, it is madness to not appreciate.

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  1. I've always been a bit of a tourist geek in my own city! When I lived in London I once got up at the crack of dawn on a Sayurday to watch the changing of the guard. I was the only Brit stood at the gates!

    I see the Newcastle tour bus every day and always tell myself I'll do it .. Not managed it yet though!

  2. I love being a tourist in Durham. We've got so much history. I really want to do the open top bus in Newcastle one day soon. Katie x

  3. Yup! Guilty I'm afraid.

    I've lived in London all my life so having Roman ruins, palaces, historic castles, even the Royal parks, it becomes hard to not to see that as special because it's an every day sight. And when it stops being special you tend to take it for granted.

    I think that's probably one of the biggest bonus effects of me starting blogging though as now I find I'm actually paying attention to what's around me or trying to look at it through another person's eyes. And guess what - now *I'm* seeing my own home city with new eyes too. It's flippin' great.

    Great idea to look at Trip Advisor for inspiration though! Definitely going to do that, seems so obvious now you mention it too, hehe.

  4. This is such a good idea - it's so easy to ignore what's on the doorstep.


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