Is my daughter a mini-me?

My 5 year old daughter Heidi certainly shares A LOT of my personality traits - she is stubborn, a people pleaser and always tries her best just like her mammy! I see myself in her every single day. We even have matching mum and daughter loafers from MyLoafers. 

I arrived at the conclusion that I don't dress Heidi like myself at all. Heidi is way more stylish than I am (and has a lot more money spent on her outfits than I do). I always think she looks gorgeous but I do wonder if she'll look back on this blog in years to come and ask me what on earth I was thinking dressing her the way I do (as I do when I look back at old photographs of myself - see below).

Looking at photo's of myself with Heidi - I don't think she is my mini me:-

However when my own mum noticed Heidi wearing these Startrite buckle shoes she swears I had the exact same shoes when I was Heidi's age so maybe I dress Heidi more like a mini me than I thought?

What do you think? Is Heidi my mini-me? Do you and your daughter dress the same? I would love to hear your thoughts.

This post has been written in collaboration with Charles Clinkard, you can view their collection of startrite shoes here.



  1. She looks a lot like you, but different too. Love her new shoes! x

  2. She's gorgeous! She has such incredible style

  3. Such great photos of you when you were little as well! Lovely!

  4. Hahaha my daughter has had 5 pairs of those shoes in either white or navy dependant on the season! She was so excited when she got plain navy Mary Jane's for nursery as I don't think she realised you could get different shoes! Your little girl is gorgeous but I see a lot of her daddy in her especially when he was her age (i knew him back in the day!) She has amazing hair! Xx

  5. My biggest girl is my Mini me although we don't dress alike! I think Heidi looks lots like you but I see wee hints of daddy too

  6. I think I had a pair of shoes exactly like that too - I love them! Your daughter is gorgeous, such a cutie! x

  7. I love those fabulous shoes! I do think all of your children look like you, it's the glorious red hair of which I am truly envious. People always say my daughters look like me but you've met Looby, she's blonde!! I know one thing though, even if they do, I would never ever tell them ;)

  8. Love the pictures of you when you were little. She does look like you but has her own style as well. Fab new shoes


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