The obligatory pancake post!

Shrove Tuesday - the day when you are supposed to use up your store cupboard ingredients in preparation for lent - yet now the opposite happens. Supermarket aisle ends are packed full of various 'pancake kits', sauces and toppings and instead of using up what we have in our cupboard it seems we have been convinced to buy into this market and actually spend money buying more ingredients!

I have to confess we did use a 'Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding mix' we had in our cupboard and today when I was in our local supermarket I was tempted to buy a bottle of toffee sauce and a jif lemon! Can't believe I fell into the trap! Especially when we already had lots of toppings we could use in our store cupboard!

The kids were so excited to make pancakes.

Their excitement came to a head as they stood back and watched me flip the pancakes! I have not seen them so excited in a long time! Pleased to say that none ended up stuck on the ceiling or even the floor.

Lindisfarne lemon curd was our favourite topping. The kids enjoyed honey, lemon juice and toffee sauce (7yo even tried all of this together!)

Although we always enjoy making pancakes, I think this is probably the first year the whole family have actually enjoyed eating them all which was nice (rather than messing about, making a mess with lots of toppings on the plate and then leaving the pancake)

Did you enjoy pancake day? What were the favourite toppings in your house this year?


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