5 reasons to be cheerful this week

1. World book day
I loved seeing all of the pictures of little one's dressed up for world book day. My youngest even made the newspaper (he's the Gruffalo's child - front row)

2. Starting college
There is nothing like a new challenge to re-energise you. I started a business admin course at college this week, it's exciting to have something new to get my teeth into and I'm already looking forward to my first assignment.

3. Discovering discounted Yankee candle's
Haha, small things! We spend a lot of hours (yes hours) at work talking about Yankee candles. We have a bit of an obsession! My colleagues have been telling me about an outlet that sells them at a heavily discounted price for ages! I finally managed to visit this week and managed to get some fantastic bargains! I will be back next pay day.

4. Date night
Once every 4 weeks both me and hubby finish work at 8pm (ish) on a Saturday night and the kids sleep over at grannies. Although we often don't feel like it after a long day at work, we use this time to go out just us two and I love it. This week we are going for a pizza with some vouchers we have left over from a review.

5. Spring is here
This week the kids have been to the park and played outside with their friends every night after school. We've been able to open our windows without freezing and our daffodils are flowering. Spring is definitely here.

What reasons do you have to be cheerful this week? 

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