Pumpkin carving is not my forte!

When I was younger, pumpkins weren't readily available in the shops and we had to use turnips! How my dad managed to scoop out and carve a raw turnip I will never know! I'm sure I remember him using a drill once to make holes for the string! 

Thankfully, Pumpkins are readily available now and are a lot easier to scoop out so our generation has it a lot easier. However I still struggle to make them look good!

Scooping and carving is easy enough but how do people make such intricate designs? Look at these amazing examples from my facebook feed yesterday.

My children prefer to cover their pumpkin in pen.........:-/

Oh dear! What a mess! 

I would love to see your pumpkin photos and if yours is intricately designed - how do you manage it?!


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