Cool Stocking Filler Ideas

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Cool Stocking Filler Ideas

I am really pleased to be supporting Wicked Uncle again this year. They're a brilliant family business who provide excellent gift ideas for children and young people. They pride themselves on stocking only the coolest of gifts (only 10% of products pitched to them actually make the cut) and provide excellent customer service with fast delivery & an option to add gift wrapping too. 

This post is going to share some ideas for stocking fillers / smaller gifts. If you're stuck for ideas, you can browse the full range here: Stocking Filler Ideas 

How Wicked Uncle Works 

Wicked Uncle is a small family business based in the UK. The family oversee everything from choosing and testing products to gift wrapping and delivery. 

Their website is excellent if you're not sure what to buy for someone (and would like to surprise them with something cool). You can easily filter by age, budget and even category such as educational or creative. Once you've applied the filters, a list of Wicked Uncle Approved gifts will appear for you to choose from. 

It's also the perfect choice if you need to post a gift as they can wrap the gift for you and add a custom label. Delivery is via Royal Mail tracked delivery and nice and quick too. Much easier than queuing at the post office. 

There is loads of choice and something for everyone but I wanted to give you a flavour of what to expect, starting with some recommended Fidget Stocking Fillers. 

Fidget Stocking Fillers from Wicked Uncle 

Fidget toys are great fun for all - I mean I still love squeezing a stress ball and I'm a grown up! They can also help with focus, improve fine motor skills and help to reduce stress and anxiety.

As I was browsing Wicked Uncle, I noticed quite a few fidget-style toys in their stocking filler section. I know a few children who would love these gifts (in fact I purchased one to gift someone myself) but would never have automatically considered these as a present. So thanks Wicked Uncle for the idea! 

I think this is a bargain for £4.99 and I've bought it as a little extra stocking filler for someone. The ball is soft yet when you squeeze it it sounds crunchy like stepping on fresh snow. It's super satisfying! This would work well in a Christmas Eve Box too. Find out more and purchase here. 

This Push-n-Popz Bubble Fidget Toy glows in the dark! - find out more and buy here

I love the idea of this Pyraminx Puzzle which is kind of like an alternative Rubik's Cube. This toy is the second best selling puzzle toy in the whole world! - find out more and buy here

This fidget toy uses gyroscopic science to swirl around in your hand. As it reaches it's max speed, three colourful LED lights light up and create a beautful display. You can spn in your hand or on a flat surface to create different displays - find out more and buy here 

What child is not going to be impressed with some rare, sticky, magical UNICORN poo? Yes, their parents may raise an eyebrow but this is exactly the kind of cool present kids love! Another excellent gift suggestion from Wicked Uncle I would never have thought of myself. Find out more and buy here. 

This Spinnin Zzzopa Ball is multi-use - you can spin it in your fingers as well as bounce it. Check out this video of the ball in action. 

Dinosaur Stocking Fillers 

Dinosaur themed gifts are just ONE of the many ideas you'll find on Wicked Uncle. I know these are always popular so I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you: 

This T-Rex Head Torch has two different settings - one for outdoors and another for indoors for a more calming light. You can also make it ROAR! Find out more and buy here. 

How cool is this dino poop that can be plopped straight in your bath for a fizzy bath bomb experience like no other. You get 10 mini bath bombs which disolve into a magical swamp like swirl. Find out more and buy here. 

The T Rex Watch just snaps onto your wrist with no awkward buckle to fiddle around with. Ideal for those just learning to tell the time or who struggle with find motor skills. Find out more and buy here. 

This pack is filled with a mega 50 temporary tattoos featuring all your favourite dinosaurs. Definitely enough to last across the Christmas break and beyond! You'll also receive a book with facts about each dino. Find out more and buy here. 

I know loads of kids who will love this gift - a dinosaur which breathes fire with the pull of a trigger! Simply fill with water, pull the trigger and watch the magic happen. The T Rex will ROAD too. Find out more and buy here. 

Gift Wrapping Service 

As mentioned earlier, Wicked Uncle can gift wrap your present and deliver straight to the recipient's door. Not many companies offer this service and I think from £3, it's a bargain! You can choose the wrapping paper you'd like to use at check out and add a card and/or label too.

Perfect if you're delivering a gift to someone you won't see in person over the festive period. 

My Top Tree Stocking Fillers 

Below are the three stocking fillers that were suggested to me by Wicked Uncle and caught my eye so much that I bought them myself: 

Most kids LOVE a gel pen and this 8-in-1 neon version looks pretty cool. Find out more and buy here. 

I thought these optical illusion cards were a good price and something fun we could all get stuck into trying on Christmas Day. Find out more and buy here. 

And finally, this book light looks excellent for any bookworms! Find out more and buy here. 

I've shopped with Wicked Uncle a few times now and genuinely recommend them as a lush family business with a customer focussed attitude and lots of pretty cool gift options which are easy to choose from and filter by age, cost and cateory. 


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