Modern Milkman Review

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Modern Milkman Review

I first signed up to Modern Milkman a few years ago when our (more traditional style) milkman retired and I was looking for a replacement milk delivery service. 

Modern Milkman appealed to me for a number of reasons including: 
  • They offer milk in traditional glass milk bottles which are reused and recylced so better for the environment than the plastic ones I'd been using. All of their packaging is plastic free and can be reused/recycled. 

  • It is easy and convenient to manage orders though a handy app/online - no having to leave notes etc...if you're going on holiday. You can just pause your order at the touch of a button. 

  • They offer more than just milk - I can order milk alternatives, baked goods, bread, fruit, milkshakes, fruit juice, tea, coffee and so much more straight to my door and it's really easy to add one off items to my regular order. 

  • They use local British farmers and suppliers (our milk tends to come from a dairy farm in Yorkshire).

Fancy trying Modern Milkman for yourself? Use this referral link or add the code SAMANTHA RICKELTON when you sign up and you'll receive a £5 discount on your first three orders (so up to £15 discount in total). 

Plant Based Milk Delivery 

Plant based milk delivered by Modern Milkman

Modern Milkman offer more than just cows milk. 

They also deliver plant based milk which is ideal for households where one of you may be a vegan and one may prefer cows milk or households where you all prefer plant based milk or even just if you like to have plant options for tea available when guests pop over for a brew. 

Plant based milk for tea by Modern Milkman

I recently decided to add some oat milk to our regular Modern Milkman order. I have to be honest, I had not tried any plant-based milks before and I was intrigued!  This plant based milk alternative is made with 100% British Oats and one 100ml serving provides 15% of your daily recommended calcium, vitamin B12 and iodine. 

Now I'm not a tea drinker but I know that Oat Milk is a preferred dairy free milk alternative in tea for lots of people. Oat milk doesn't curdle when boiled and when steamed can provide a smooth, latte like texture.

Oat milk tends to last around 2-3 weeks in a fridge once opened. It can last a lot longer unopened (around 12 months) and you can freeze it too. 

For us, we mostly use our milk for the kids to drink (they still love a glass of chilled milk), to use on cereal in the morning or to make overnight oats. We prepared our latest batch of overnight oats with oat milk last week and they were delicious - much creamier than usual. 

Using oat milk to make overnight oats instantly turns our breakfast into a Vegan dish and has lots of health benefits including low saturated fat (great for heart health) and being high in Vitamin B which improves memory and body function.

Overnight Oats with Oat Milk from Modern Milkman

Dairy Free After School Treats 

Modern Milkman can also deliver Vegan brownies straight to your doorstep. These brownies are packaged in 100% compostable packaging (they take 9-12 weeks to break down in our compost bin) and keep the brownies dry and fresh. 

I added some to our regular order last week as a little after school treat for the kids. I did try one myself and I honestly couldn't tell the difference between these brownies and regular brownies made with dairy. They were delicious and super unctuous. The kids loved them too.

We will definitely get these again as although we're not a dairy-free/vegan family, I am up for making little switches to help the planet as I fully believe if we all make small changes, we can make a big difference. 

Oat milk and vegan brownies delivered

I also ordered the kids some chocolate oat milk too. They love it when they open the fridge and see there's milkshake in there and this bottle didn't last long in the fridge at all.

Oat milk can be more nutritional than cow's milk and when I checked the nutritional info, the chocolate oat milk contained less sugar than the traditional chocolate milk. 

Our Regular Modern Milkman Delivery

Modern Milkman Review

There are many ways you can make Modern Milkman work for you and they offer 3 delivery dates per week. For me, I have a regular Saturday morning delivery of 2 pints of milk and a box of eggs.

This is paid for with a recurring weekly card payment but can be paused/cancelled at any time using the Modern Milkman app. Pricing is super transparent and can be found on their website or app. 

However I nearly always top my order up with one-off extra items. These can be added up to 8pm the evening before your delivery and you just pay for the top up items as and when you order them. 

This is what I did with the oat milk and vegan brownies. I usually add a couple of fresh juices onto my Saturday delivery and quite often add pastries and maybe a loaf of bread if we're running low too. 

Sometimes I place a one off mid-week order too. This is usually at 7pm when I realise we've run out of bread or milk. 

You can leave a box near your doorstep for your milkman to place your items in and in the warmer months, add ice packs too (add a photo to your app to let them know). However as we usually have multiple bottles, our milkman leaves a little crate with all of our bottles in for us.

Items like bread and pastries are just left on our doorstep. Their packaging isn't advertised as waterproof but it seems to be as even when it rains, our produce remains dry. I've never heard our milkman and Fozzy doesn't bark so he must be super quiet and we think he must deliver around 4/5am. 

We leave our washed empty milk bottles out on a Friday night ready for our milkman to take them away and replace with new. Every bottle is returned to the dairy and after being thoroughly cleaned and sterlised, is reused an average of 25 times. 

It lets you know in the app how many plastic bottles you've prevented personally and I've saved 339 so far which I have to admit, does provide the feelgood factor. 

Modern Milkman are constantly adding new products and offers to their app too. This week I've noticed they've added pancakes, crumpets and bread rolls. They often run seasonal specials too. 

Personally, I have had a few issues with our deliveries. Sometimes a product (usually a baked good) is out of stock. If this happens, they are just automatically added onto the next round which is usually a couple of days later. I like that it's all automatic and they email to let you know. 

Another time, I was accidentally charged twice for a one off delivery and although a little annoying, I simply used the chat function in the app to let them know and it was sorted out fairly quickly with a full refund and complimentary brownies provided as an apology. 

I always say, mistakes will always happen. It's how a company deals with them that matters and so far, I have been pleased with how the couple of minor issues I've had have been dealt with. If I wasn't I'd just cancel and this hasn't happend - I'm still a happy paying customer. 

Try Modern Milkman and receive a £15 Voucher 

Fancy trying Modern Milkman for yourself? Use this referral link or add the code SAMANTHA RICKELTON when you sign up and you'll receive a £5 discount on your first three orders (so up to £15 discount in total). 

When you sign up, you need to set up a recurring delivery which can be amended or paused using the app at any time. If you'd like to cancel, this is super easy to do via the in-app chat. 


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