Whitehouse Farm or Hall Hill Farm - Which is Best?


Whitehouse Farm or Hall Hill Farm - Which is Best?

This is a question that regularly pops up in our Facebook Group so I thought I would try and figure the answer out. 

I have visited both on several locations and although they are not a cheap day out, both are fantastic places where you can spend a full day whatever the weather. I'd recommend them both and would probably say if you've been to neither, start with the one that's closest to you. 

But which is best? This post will hopefully help us figure this out........

All information checked via the Whitehouse Farm and Hall Hill Farm websites in May 2023. Information can / may change so always re-check with the venues direct before visiting. 


  • Hall Hill Farm is £39 for a family ticket (for 4) and ages 1 and under go free
  • Whitehouse Farm is £50.45 for a family ticket (for 4) and ages 1 and under go free
Hall Hill Farm is over £10 cheaper for the average family so a clear winner when it comes to price. 

Location & Getting There 

  • Hall Hill Farm is located in County Durham with free onsite parking. Hall Hill Farm is accessible by public transport (bus 764/765 by arrangement - see their website for info )
  • Whitehouse Farm is located in Northumberland with free onsite parking. It is accessible by public transport (bus 436) 
I would say in terms of location / getting there, they are both pretty similar and I'm calling this one a draw. 

Rainy Day / Indoor Facilities 

Whitehouse Farm: 
  • Indoor Petting Barns & Animal Handling / Feeding 
  • Indoor Pig Sty / Cattle Barns 
  • Indoor Farmer's Den Soft Play Area 
  • Indoor Picnic Barn 
  • Indoor Activity Barn 
  • Indoor Cafe 
  • Indoor Racing Cars (additional charge)
  • Bottle Feed Lambs (seasonal)
  • Bottle Feed Calves (seasonal)
  • Groom a Goat / Pony 
  • Critter Encounters 

Hall Hill Farm: 
  • Indoor Petting Barns & Animal Handling / Feeding 
  • Playbarn Soft Play 
  • Indoor Picnic Barn 
  • Indoor Tearoom 
  • Bottle Feed Lambs (seasonal)

Both have plenty of options for a rainy day. Personally, I do prefer the indoor play barn at Hall Hill Farm as it's bigger and I the fact that it has proper table and chairs in the playbarn (Whitehouse Farm is just benches and can be hard to keep kids in your eyeline) gives it the edge I think. 

Outdoor Activities 

Whitehouse Farm 

  • Tractor Rides 
  • Feed the Animals 
  • Hoglets Adventure Playground 
  • Castle Catapult 
  • Jumping Pillows
  • Additional Adventure Playground 
  • Trampolines 
  • Pedal Go Karts 
  • Pedal Tractors 
  • Willow Maze 
  • Panning for Gold 
  • Interactive Meerkat Talk 
  • Bird of Prey Meet & Greet / Flying (currently on hold due to Avian Flu restrictions)

Hall Hill Farm 

  • Tractor Rides 
  • Feed the Animals 
  • Adventure Play Area 
  • Wonky Donky Crazy Golf 
  • Water Wars in the Summer 
  • Bouncy Pillows 
  • Sledge Rides
  • Barrel Train (extra cost)
  • Jeep Safari (extra cost) 

This is a really tough one to decide. I think that both offer excellent outdoor facilities and have brilliant adventure playgrounds. I think the fact that Crazy Golf and Water Wars is included at Hall Hill Farm is excellent and the Sledge Rides are always super popular. 

The Adventure Playgrounds at Whitehouse Farm are outstanding (in my opinion anyway) and I like that there are lots of different little activities dotted about the whole farm. 

I'm calling this one a draw ! 


Hall Hill Farm 

Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Alpacas, Deer, Llamas, Wallabies, Donkeys, Ponies, Goats, Highland Cows & more. 

Whitehouse Farm

  • Mini Beasts including Tarantula, Giant Hissing Cockroach and Giant Africal Milipede
  • Reptiles including Tortoise, Blue Tongued Skink, Bearded Dragons, Geckos and Pythons 
  • Small animals including Rats, Mice, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Skinny Pigs 
  • Birds including Parrots and Cockatiels 
  • Birds of Prey including Owls, Hawks and Kestrels 
  • Large animals including Goats, Cows, Pygmy Goats, Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, Sheep & Pigs 
  • Exotic animals including Fallow Deer, Meerkats, Wallabies, Llamas, Alpacas, Emu, Marmaset Monkeys & Emu

Hall Hill Farm is definitely more of a traditional farm and Whitehouse Farm does seem to have quite a larger variety of animals. I do have a big soft spot for the Highland Cows at Hall Hill but do think that in terms of animals, Whitehouse Farm wins this one. 

Additional Costs 

Hall Hill Farm 
  • Barrel Train 
  • Jeep Safari
  • Animal Feed 

Whitehouse Farm 

  • Indoor Racing Cars 
  • Animal Feed 
From what I can see on their websites, there are more options to pay extra for activities at Hall Hill Farm (only just!) so Whitehouse Farm wins this one. 

Upcoming Events 

Hall Hill Farm 

27 - 29 May - Sheep Shearing (see more events at Hall Hill here

Whitehouse Farm 

27 May - 4 June - Superheros and Princesses (see more events at Whitehouse Farm here)

Both farms offer additional school holiday activities, seasonal events, one off events and fantastic Christmas events so I would say this one is a draw. 


Hall Hill Farm 

Sadly I couldn't find much info on their website. I know they have a tearoom, picnic barn, picnic tables and toilets from previous visits. 

Whitehouse Farm 

  • Baby changing 
  • Cafe with baby food warming facilities 
  • Heated indoor picnic barn & outdoor picnic tables 
  • Toilets including accessible toilets 
I think they're both pretty much the same so I'm calling this one another draw. 


Hall Hill Farm 

I could not find a link to any access information on their website. However it is worth noting that carers go free at Hall Hill Farm where as they are charged a reduced rate at Whitehouse Farm. 

I couldn't find any info re: additional needs but think due to the understanding nature of the staff and the fact that there are quieter areas, it would be suitable. 

Whitehouse Farm 

Whitehouse Farm have quite a bit of pre-visit info on their website for visitors with access needs (you can read it all here). Facilities include: 

  • Fully accessible farm with tarmac paths and ramps where required 
  • Wheelchair accessible roundabout 
  • Wheelchair accessible slide 
  • Wheelchair accessible tractor ride 
  • Mobility scooter and wheelchair hire 
  • Inclusive animal encounter experiences 
  • Animal pens designed so wheelchair users can see / access feeding 
  • Accessible toilets 
I couldn't find much info re: visiting with additional needs however they do state they are inclusive to all and offer MAX card offers. I have visited with a child with additional needs myself and he always enjoyed it. There is plenty of space / quieter areas if required. 

Although Hall Hill Farm is probably accessible, the fact that the info is not readily available means that Whitehouse Farm wins for me in this area. Neither venues have a Changing Places toilet. 

Who Wins? 

  • Price - Hall Hill Farm wins 
  • Location - Draw 
  • Indoor Facilities - Hall Hill Farm wins 
  • Outdoor Activities - Draw 
  • Additional Costs - Whitehouse Farm wins 
  • Animals - Whitehouse Farm wins 
  • Events - Draw 
  • Visitor Facilities - Draw 
  • Accessibility - Whitehouse Farm wins 

Hall Hill Farm gets 2 wins and Whitehouse Farm gets 3 wins so although both are fab days out (and I would definitely recommend them both), Whitehouse Farm is the winner. 

Personally, if I had to choose one based on my own visits, Whitehouse Farm has the edge for me. I think it feels bigger and there is more going on. A lot of people say Hall Hill Farm is brilliant for younger kids and Whitehouse Farm ideal for when kids are a little older and I would probably agree with this too.

Hall Hill Farm has a smaller / less busy vibe and I think would be less overwhelming and easier for little legs (but there is still with lots to do).  

You can continue reading for some of our reader opinions too. 

Alternative Places to Visit

Whenever this question pops up in our Facebook group, Down at the Farm receives lots of recommendations as an alternative. If booked in advance, 2A and 2C is £34.80 which is quite a bit cheaper than Whitehouse Farm but not much less than Hall Hill Farm. 

Check out the blog post before which features over 30 Animal Attractions & Farms to visit across the North East (including free farms): 

What Do Our Readers Think? 

What do you think? 

Find out more about both venues below: 

Whitehouse Farm Website 

Hall Hill Farm Website 

Whitehouse Farm or Hall Hill Farm - Which is Best?

Whitehouse Farm or Hall Hill Farm which is best? 

Let's take a look........ 

  • Price - Hall Hill Farm is over £10 cheaper for a family ticket
  • Location - Both accessible by car and bus 
  • Indoor Facilities - Both suitable for a rainy day but I do think that Hall Hill Farm has a better indoor soft play 
  • Outdoor Activities - Both offer loads to choose from including fantastic adventure playgrounds 
  • Additional Costs - There are less options to spend more at Whitehouse Farm 
  • Animals - Whitehouse Farm has a much wider selection of animals whereas Hall Hill Farm is more of a traditional farm (they do have the cutest Highland Cows though)
  • Events - Both offer excellent school holiday and seasonal events 
  • Visitor Facilities - Both have picnic areas, toilets, cafes etc.... 
  • Accessibility - Whitehouse Farm has much more info available, is fully accessible, offers wheelchair hire and has some accessible play equipment and tractor rides 
Although both are fantastic days out and I have visited and would recommend them both, Whitehouse Farm does have the edge for me as I feel like it's a 'bigger' day out with more to see and do. 

Many people say that Hall Hill Farm is excellent for little ones and to save Whitehouse Farm for when kids are a little bit older and I think this makes sense. 

Read our full analysis and see more photos / read reviews from both farms here: https://www.northeastfamilyfun.co.uk/2023/05/whitehouse-farm-hall-hill-farm-which-is-best.html


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