Heidi turns 8

Heidi turns 8 today and I couldn't be more proud of the independent young lady she is. In her 8th year of life, Heidi is dabbling with being a Vegetarian. I would probably call her a flexitarian at the moment. She goes through phases of saying she doesn't want to eat meat at all but then she does still often eat chicken and fish (plus hot dogs!) and will still ask for chicken nuggets when we visit McDonalds for example. I do have a feeling that she'll probably turn fully vegetarian in the next few years and will support her whatever she decides. I think at age 8, you are still very much getting to know your own mind and empowering kids to make their own life choices/learn their own way is important.

Heidi is most definitely a people pleaser and very affectionate. She loves snuggling up and watching movies and will do anything you ask. She likes helping out and will lay the table/do the dishes ect.... without any fuss. After school, you'll either find Heidi with a pad of paper, pencils, scissors and glue either crafting or drawing or playing outside on her roller boots which is her favourite hobby (and she's quite good).

To celebrate Heidi's birthday we have booked a table at my brother's new restaurant Evan's Bistro - I'll share some photos over on my Facebook page tonight.  On Sunday we are off to Whitehouse farm with the family as a sort of birthday gathering so that will be nice.

Heidi is bright and capable and works in the year above's class for maths. She tries really hard and is super happy at school. She has a nice group of friends and enjoys playing with her dolls and mini figures. She'll happily entertain herself for hours.

Heidi does look like butter wouldn't melt but she's not all a bed of roses. She is a good liar and I'll never forget the time earlier in the year that she used a lipstick to draw spots all over her body and pretend she was too poorly for school. I can't believe I fell for it! Good job Steve was at home and sussed her out otherwise I'd be looking very red-faced at the doctors!

I call Heidi 'Little Miss' and she loves her clothes and make-up - her favourite thing to do is enjoy a girls night in with me where we'll do each other's hair and make-up. She is also very adventurous and will be the first to volunteer to climb a tree when a ball gets stuck or ride a rollercoaster. She is much braver than her brothers and I would not want to mess with Heidi and Jack in the playground! Heidi's teachers always point out that although she can be quiet, she definitely won't let anyone push her around or do anything she doesn't want to do.

Favourite food: Pasta with tomato sauce
Favourite sweets: Skittles
Favourite TV show: Spongebob
Favourite toy: Soft toys/roller boots/baby Annabelle
Favourite movie: Trolls
Best friend: Lexi

Happy 8th Birthday Heidi! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. 



  1. Happy birthday Heidi, I hope she has a great birthday X

  2. Ah that was too cute! I need to start doing these for my blog post for my girls! I love them! Happy Birthday Heidi from the Hoopers xx

  3. Happy birthday Heidi! And what a lovely way to capture her personality for later years.

  4. This was such a lovely post, Sam! I love the story about her painting spots on her face with lipstick, I never tried that one to get out of school! Happy birthday Heidi! X


  5. What an adorable post. She sounds like an amazing little girl! Happy Birthday Heidi!

    Rachael xox

  6. Aww! How lovely!
    Happy Birthday Heidi! I hope she has a wonderful day x

  7. How lovely! Happy Birthday Heidi :)

  8. Happy birthday Heidi you and Holly have lots in common!

    A lovely post Sam


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