50+ Reasons to LOVE Summer

 50+ Reasons to LOVE Summer

Ah summer! Definitely my favourite season. I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, wearing open toe shoes and al fresco dining. Summer is just around the corner and I can feel the anticpation in the air! I asked some of my favourite bloggers to share what they're looking forward to the most........

1 - Not having to wear socks! Birkenstocks always -  Nelly's Cupcakes

2 -  Long days and lots of excuses to stay out all day with no worries of rain or stormy days. It just feels very free... -  Kelly Allen

3 -  Summer for me is when my work gets exciting as I get to work outdoors and get to spend time with participants that I wouldn't normally get to. Plus I get to wear short and not tracksuit bottoms  - The Girl and the Treadmill

4 - Long family days out then getting home, getting the kids to bed and being able to then sit in the garden while it's still light and hopefully warm with a cool drink and the hubby :) - A Blog's Life

5 - I love being able to sit outside watching my toddler play in (hopefully) nice, sunny weather whilst eating an ice cream! :) I also like being able to wear less layers! - Super Mummy Secrets

6 -  Picnics, even if only in the garden 😀 - Stacey in the Sticks

7 - The warmth in the air, longer days and sunshine - just makes you feel better (even if it rains) :) -  My Boys Club

'The fact that everything seems better and more hopeful!'

8 -   Having garden parties with friends and family. It just never seems to happen in the winter months. We love a BBQ! -  Champagne and Petals

9 -Locking the gates to the garden and shoving the kids outside for some quiet time lol Of course all the usual beach, picnic, walks in the park etc too but i do love a coffee in peace! lol - Country Heart and Home

10 -  Being able to get up before the kids and have a coffee outside in the garden. The first time I was able to do that when we moved from a flat to a house with a garden always stands in my mind as one of 'those' moments -  Coffee Cake Kids

11 - Summer nights with the BBQ out and camping with friends. The days feel so much longer! - Here Come the Hoopers

12 - 
The smell of a barbecue and sun screen; and more than 6 light hours in the day, Scotland is absolutely useless during Winter. I can't wait to be able to sit out on the decking and just bask in the sun (well, lack of rain).... - Life With Boys

13 - I love the fact Newcastle becomes like a continental city with outdoor tables for al fresco dining & the fantastic events we have on to keep families entertained - Canny Food

14 -   Not having to carry big coats, sandals, beer gardens, outdoor play, ice cream, natural vitamin D!!! - Seeing Rainbows

15 -  I love being able to go out for a walk on an evening without it being pitch black! Plus, everything smells like sun cream and all the colours are so beautiful - in nature and in all the products that are released!  - The Northernist

16 -  I absolutely love the bright mornings, it makes me want to get out of bed, and as someone who loves their bed that is rare! haha -  Neon Rainbow Blog

17 -Taking a picnic (and wine!) to our local park - She and Hem

18 - You can feed the kids outside. Less mess!  - Whinge Whinge Wine

19 - Not having to wrestle their kids into their coats each morning or listen to them whining about how cold they are! - Five Little Doves

'Picnics, even if only in the garden'

20 - 
The sunshine! And also being able to go out without worrying about getting cold - Mummy Miller

21 - 
Barbecues, doing lots of activities outdoors, growing plants/vegetables and getting the pool out ❤️  -  Paige's Preferences

22 - 
Having more options when it comes to things you can do with the little ones. As soon as summer hits we spend all of our days in parks, at nature reserves, farm parks, anywhere outdoors which is great for kids, we're there! - 
Tattooed Tea Lady

23 - 
Not having to wear loads and loads of layers! I love having my limbs out!  - Raising the Rings

24 - 
 I swear that I go into hibernation mode from Oct - March, like a grumpy, urban bear  ;) I detest winter. There is something about summer that just makes everything feel better. Driving to work at 7am in daylight and leaving at 6pm in more daylight is a small joy of mine! It seems to give me more energy, boosts morale and I adore al fresco dining!  - That British Betty

25 - 
Being able use the garden and hanging my washing on the line! Suburban Mum

26 -  
 Being able to get down the allotment and most of the work is done for the year, besides the harvest. We can take an ice cream or a nice soft drink and it is our own private space - and it is huge!  - 
Katy Kicker

27 - 
The lack of routine - chilled mornings, lazing in the garden, BBQs, picnics at the park, days on the beach. Just a relaxed pace of life - The Minimes and Me

28 - 
 I just feel more motivated and energetic in summer. And less like a lazy cow who wants to hibernate on the sofa all day watching Mad Men - Porridge and Parenting

 'Summer nights with the BBQ out and camping with friends'

29 - 
Loads and loads of Pimms with friends in the garden... ;-) - Life is Knutts

30 - 
1) bright daylight when the early morning alarm goes off! Yay! And 2) school shorts - the little loves can grow as tall as they want to without the fear of needing to go shopping for the next size up 😊😊  - Pack the PJs

31 - 
 I love that Summer gives you so much more freedom. You don't have to worry about packing the extra coats / hats / scarves, you don't have to limit your destination to somewhere indoors, and you don't have to leave early because it gets dark! - Emily and Indiana

32 - 
 The fact that everything seems better and more hopeful! Even a bad day working in the summer isn't so awful, every evening feels like a mini weekend when it's nice weather. We took to going to the beach often on a weekday night and it just makes you forget the rest of your day! -  Devon Mama

33 - Spending more time with my niece and nephew during the summer holidays. Unplanned barbecues and trips to beer gardens. Afternoon drinking being acceptable. Relaxing in the garden. - A Slice of my Life in Wales

34 - Long summer evenings, bbqs, long beach walks and now I have a little one going for days out! -  Queen Bee Becca

'The warm sunshine on my face'

35 - I love the long summer nights - bbqs in the garden sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc. Aaaah bliss  - Missus Wolf

36 - The house actually stays tidy as the kids are outside ALL day long and they never mutter I am bored....plus I can dry the washing faster too. - Emmy's Mummy

37 - That first day when it gets hot and I can finally get the flip flops out. Best feeling ever! Le Coin de Mel

38 - Summer, the warm sunshine on my face, long days on the beach, working outdoors in short sleeves, far off adventures with friends and families, ice-creams, walking as far as my legs will carry me and climbing big hills with Holly Bobbins, my heart belongs to summer forever!  - Mandy Charlton Photography

39 - That I don't need to try and force my toddler into 900 winter layers against her wishes to go outside! She can be naked like she wants for a change - Nomipalony

40 - Alfresco dining in the evening. I love nothing more than grilling up some dinner and sipping on a glass of nicely chilled wine in the garden, watching the world go by. Throw a good book in and I'm one happy bunny. - I Heart Katie Cakes

'Picnics and paddling pools, flip flops and floaty frocks'

41 -  I love that I can run in shorts AND it's race season!  - A Runner's Ramble

42 - What don't I like about summer! The sun and the warmth eases my achey bones and muscles, and everywhere just seems to be more alive, the sun is shining (well it might we do live in the UK after all), and the birds are singing what more could you want - Lou Lou Land

43 - Being able to spend time together as a family. The ability to play outside after school is a bonus too -  Slings and More Blog

44 - These days Summer represents Kynren, nothing better than volunteering your time to support a community themed project and charity. The warmer weather is a bonus too - Andrew - 'Kynren' My Experience

45 - The fresh fruit that's in season, warm weather, sunshine, picnics, and ice lollies dripping on your hand while you try to eat them -  Babyfoote

46 - Picnics and paddling pools, flip flops and floaty frocks, strawberry's and sandcastles, plodging, lazy mornings and light nights - Monkey Feet Blog

47 - Light nights, BBQ's, pimms, fresh fruit, not having to wear a jacket, getting my sunnys out, summer holiday, blog photos always have light 😂  -  Zest of Alice

48 - I love wearing short sleeves and doing more things outside, especially eating and drinking! -  Family Makes

'It not being dark when I get to work and dark when I leave'

49 - I love Great British summer food! Anyone for strawberry picking or a picnic at the beach? -  Life in Geordieland

50 - Sunshine when I go to work, sunshine when I come home -  Rock and Roll Pussycat

and a bonus couple of entries:- 

51 - I love that summer means being outdoors in the evening. I'll pile on blankets and put on a fire just to stay outside as long as possible! If it's a clear summer night then stargazing never fails to amaze me - The B-Line

52 - Barbecues, holidays, and it not being dark when I get to work and dark when I leave! - Static Nova

What do you love about summer? 

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 50+ Reasons to LOVE Summer


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